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Astrology in Sports – What You Need to Know About a Career in Sports

Astrology in sports, a sector of Vedic Astrology, studies planetary combinations to determine success in a particular sport. Besides providing endless entertainment to viewers, a career in sports earns you name & fame while keeping you fit and healthy. However, being a successful sportsperson is not everyone’s cup of tea. The celestial bodies influence what type of sport the native will excel in.

The Prerequisites for a Career in Sports

Sports and Vedic Astrology points at Lagna. Lagna is the physical body. When your physical body is strong, you will have the ability to sustain. Lagna is the chief indicator of a career in sports that demands physical strength.

Role of Heavenly Bodies Regarding Astrology in Sports

Besides having a fit body with the temperament and perseverance, the position of planets has a profound impact on a career in sports. Let’s study each planet/heavenly body and its influence on a sporting career.

Mars for astrology in sports

Mars: A pioneer in defining sportsmanship, Mars exaltation signifies a vigorous person subject to conditions. You will have excellent resistance power to win over your competitors. Being a planet of war, Mars represents determination and high passion with a competitive streak.

Sun: The Sun in the first house with a strong influence represents a strong body with enormous physical strength.

Moon: Sports also includes injuries. But, suffering from constant injuries dampens the chances of success. The moon plays an important role in protecting you from physical injuries. A strong position of the moon is directly related to the hormone, testosterone, that’s essential for success in sports.

Mercury: Planet Mercury stands for logical and analytical abilities, mandatory for any sport. There are some sports like chess that rely heavily on Mercury and its position.

Rahu: String Rahu presence in the 11th house attracts you glamour and fame. It helps you develop an aura for yourself that creates an enormous amount of wealth.

Saturn: Success in sports requires endurance and constant practice enhancing your skills. The influencer is Saturn and it signifies stability with perseverance to perform at the highest level.

Astrology of Sports and its Approaches

It’s always advisable to know your unique skills and talents before deciding on a sport for a career. Not every sport requires the same skillset. Though a couple of skills are common to most sports, each sport has distinct requirements. You have to ask yourself the right questions and analyze before going ahead. For instance, there is a sea of a difference between team sports and individual sports.

Planetary Positions - Astrology in sports
Planetary Positions

The Horary Approach

Horary represents measurements of time, and Horary Astrology involves drafting a horoscope depending on the time a question is received. It takes into account this time and helps an astrologer determine an accurate answer. A single chart includes the beginning and the end of events to predict the final outcome.

Though its an advantage to use only one chart, this method creates a substantial divergence of opinion between astrologers. The difference is usually about a particular house ruling a specific area.

The Natal Approach

Astrologers consider the birth charts of competing parties. This is to determine the effect of the astrological conditions of to or more players. Charts of a team’s first game can be used with charts of individual players to come to a conclusion.

Horary Chart used in Modern Astrology in sports
Horary Chart used in Modern Astrology

Which Approach is Feasible?

When it comes to astrology in sports, it’s nearly impossible to encounter grey areas. You can either be right or wrong, unlike the personal forecast, which can be subjective. Rather than deciding which approach is better, actually highly skilled astrologers can generate consistent results from sports predictions.

Any approach is feasible if an astrologer follows an objective and disciplined outlook. However, that too can be a sentimental opinion or prediction. In fact, for some astrologers, the horary approach works well and for others, the natal approach.

The Natal Chart in astrology in sports
The Natal Chart

The Takeaway

If you think the outcome of any sporting event is predetermined, it all depends on your choice of astrological techniques and your problem-solving skills. It involves a thorough prediction process and an in-depth analysis of the ruling planets. If you think everything is predetermined as per your fate, the horary approach will do. However, if you are more philosophical and consider that fate is in our hands, the natal approach is always better.