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Khadga Yoga

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Khadga Yoga

Khadga yoga is believed to be quite neutral in nature. It occupies the 2nd house by the 9th lord and similarly, the 9th house by the 2nd lord and finally the Lord of Lagna occupies a Kendra or trikona house. Natives born into such yoga are often found immersed in the study of sacred scriptures. They are full of integrity, dignity, skill, wealth. They have a kindness that is peculiar to them and as a result of their unique wisdom.

House part-16 ( Yogas)

Thus, when these lords of the 2nd and the 9th house exchange lordships, one is believed to make better decisions regarding investments, earn a lot of money through these very investments. The person also becomes spiritual and quite often lucky in the way that the stars favour them. There is always the scope of being absolutely happy and thus optimistic of life. Once we have made sure of the position of the Sun, it is possible that there shall be support from the father of the individual at hand.

The strength of this yoga lies in the possibility of how and where the maleficent planet acts. The planet aspects or conjuncts with the house lords of the 2nd and 9th house, causing a certain reduction in the good effects of this yoga. Experts believe that it is between dasa and antardasa that the possible fructification of this Raj yoga, the Khadga yog, can occur.


Effects of the yoga can also be seen once we see the planets in concern back at their natal position back in the individual’s horoscope or as seen in the janma kundli. Experts believe that one of the most satisfying results of this yoga is one’s belief in knowledge after having acquired the meaning of the sacred shastras. It is thus very often seen that people falling under the Khadga yoga are content and at peace in life. You shall be wealthy respected and extremely strong. The Khadga yoga is often a result of the exchange in rashis, between the 2nd and the 9th house of the lords.

Celebrity Profile

John Belushi

In the horoscope of the famous actor and comedian John Belushi, the 9th lord Sun is in the 2nd whereas the 2nd lord, who is the Saturn lord, is in the 9th and finally, the Lagna Lord Jupiter completes the Khadga Yog formation. “Khadga” represents a sword and Belushi started his very career with the role of the sword bearing samurai. John Belushi lived till the time the Sun dasa was over his Khadga yog, it was only after his death that this formation, that brought him luck and fame, was changed. The yoga is qualified through the successful exaltation of the Sun from the Navamsa.