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Jothishi and Absolute Problem Solving

Astrology existed to enable us, humans, to walk along the path as our gods intended. However, it does not take away the freedom of our choices. That being said, with this freedom are attached certain caveats. They arrive as problems and Jothishi has tools to solve. Where problems arise and Jothishi provides with its solutions at every step, where does the karma step in? Should you be living your life like that? There is one misconception associated with Jothishi, and that is absolutes. People believe that it can solve any every issue that they might face through Gemstones and pujas. While their beliefs are not wrong, but astrology, much like anything else in this world, does not provide absolute answers on their own. Problems exist to make you move forward in life. Therefore, if you want solutions, you need to choose a path to walk on.

We believe that there are various paths that you can choose to go about with your life without it being encumbered by the sight that Jothishi brings in. 

It all comes down to Yoga of Synthesis. They are 4, and they accentuate towards the different aspects of life. You can see its impact on the formation of Indian society itself. These are the pathways to better karma which decides the approach towards your way of dealing with life’s problems.

There are four pathways to Yoga: 

  1. Bhakti Yoga: 

It is the path that lies with devotion. To be precise, it is the path of devotion. A devotion to your god. What you consider as god is subjective. It can be a task; it can be a deity, or it can be someone. Bhakti is whatever you do in life, and who or what you do it for. Within this path, everything that you do is based upon your dedication towards the subject of your affection. And this is where the truth of the matter lies, affection and dedication towards a particular endeavour. It is a tradition of divine love, being in love with what you do and being harmonious with it to achieve the perfect equilibrium.

  1. Karma Yoga: 

This is the focus of the path of your choosing. It is the way you decide to go about your lives. It is the path that is solely determined by your act or karma. Among the path of spiritual liberations, it is a path that focuses a lot on unselfish actions. It teaches that every act that a person does should be dedicated by his or her dharma. There is saying in the ancient texts that roughly translates to “keep doing the karma and don’t care about its fruit”. It means to care about the deed, and don’t expect its consequence. Among the pathway to Yoga’s, this one is considered to be the most liberating. Because as soon as you stop caring about the fruits of your labour, you realise true spirituality.

  1. Jnana Yoga: 

Jnana Yoga Signifies the path of knowledge. It is a path whose roads lead inwards towards oneself. Therefore, it is the path of self-realisation. Just like karma yoga, where your actions determine your spiritual liberation, here the more you know is going to liberate you. This path asks the questions like “Who am I and what am I”. It is the ultimate path of self-discovery. It is not about actions. It is about mutual understanding of the surroundings. In the path towards spiritual awakening, this is one path that concentrates on meditation. You meditate, you introspect and then, you look within yourself. The more you look, the deeper your understanding takes hold and the more the inner you are unveiled.

  1. Raja/Kriya Yoga:

It is the royal path towards your spiritual liberation. It is the path that you take when you seek to transform your psychological and physical energy into spiritual energy. It is also known as ashtanga yoga or eight-limbed yoga. Its primary function is to align your body with the equilibrium of spirituality. Much like the Jnana Yoga, the chief practice associated with this form of yoga is meditation as well. Many practices come under this particular path, and all are directed towards transforming the psychological and physiological energy into spiritual energy. Whoever seeks to achieve true peace in their lives, these are most recommended.

The mentioned four paths are not absolute paths. They should be included in your daily lives, but they should not become the very focus of your lives.

At, the goal is to provide you guides to go about your daily lives. And one of the important factors to go about your daily lives is giving some time of your day to spirituality. Karma shall do its job and shall bear you the fruits that it sees fit. However, on the other end, you need to step in and give a minimum of 10-15 minutes of your day towards prayers, meditations and mantras. 

When you choose any of them, your lives start to move into one particular direction. This, in turn, can only be beneficial for you, for your choice sets your life towards a particular wavelength.

In the journey towards self-discovery, this is the very aspect that our Website, provides. Just as the user signs up, they take their first step towards their spiritual journey. The guide of the websites becomes their mentor or their guru. And then, they start engaging with it get the equipment that can be used in their lives. At that time, there is no need for a mentor anymore.