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Is there a scientific proof for Vedic Astrology?

  1. Any subject that can last for 5000 plus years should have some substance.

Can an Astrologer predict the future with 100% accuracy?

  1. Astrologers are not Gods.

Some one told me that mine will be a late and disturbed marriage due to Kuja Dosha?

  1. 70% of population have Kuja Dosha.
    1. Don’t get influenced by technical terms.
    1. Live your life.

What is the opinion on Palmistry, Tarot Reading, face reading etc?

  1. We are not competent enough to make an opinion.

What does Jothishi mean?

  1. A person who understands the science of light. Daivagnan – one who connects a person to god or acts as a messenger of god or one who communicates the decision of god.

What is the meaning of Horoscope?

  1. Pictographic representation of planets and houses at the time of birth.

What is Hora?

  1. Branch of traditional system of Astrology known as Jothish.

What is Ascendant or Lagna?

  1. Lagna is the degree that is rising in the eastern horizon at the time of one’s birth. Lagna represents the first moment of contact of soul and independent body in the earth.

Can Astrology predict World events?

  1. There are people who have attempted and some have been successful.

What are divisional Charts?

  1. Pictographic representation indicating different aspects in life like career, wealth, children, peace of mind, interest at different levels like Physical, mental, emotional etc.

How important it is to know the accurate birth time?

  1. Timing is very important.
    1. A small difference can change the analysis of the chart.
    1. For ex: two kids born in the same place and different hospitals with minimal difference in timings will have two different lifestyles.
    1. Good to connect with parents/ mother and get the correct timings.
    1. Birth time rectification can be done and it is a paid product.

Can I register for newsletters?

  1. Yes, we would love to send you good articles related to the subject.

How do I unsubscribe?

  1. Just click the unsubscribe button.
    1. We would be grateful if you can let us know the reason for the same in the survey form and we shall try and improve on the same.

Why does need Email ID and Telephone number?

  1. So that verification link can be sent.
    1. Also, to enable the person to check his own chart. It is not ethical to check some one else’s chart without their permission except for family/kids.

How do I login into my personal profile? Will my personal profile remain forever?

  1. You can login with contact number, FB etc. Yes, your personal profile shall remain.

Which time do I mention? Birth time or any other time?

  1. Birth time.
    1. There are many theories like Birth time, Time of first cry, time of conception, time when the chord gets cut etc.

What all Languages is the service of available?

  1. To start with only English.Intent is there to spread to multiple languages.

Which payment method do I choose?

  1. All are secure. You may choose as per your convenience.

Can anyone learn Jothish/Vedic Astrology?

  1. Yes, Definitely. Why not?

What are the qualifications to become a good Astrologer?

  1. Ability to connect with god: 😊

I am not good in Maths, can I learn Astrology?

  1. Why not?
    1. Try it out. Your math will become good.
    1. And you shall start noticing unbelievable changes in your personality if the direction and progress is correct.
    1. Will start connecting with nature after the initial high of being able to predict.

Why should we even study and work if a person’s life is predictable?

  1. To earn your living: 😊
    1. The percentage of destiny vs Karma could vary depending on the chart.
    1. There is no solution without Karma even if the chart promises great heights in life – which is again a minuscule percentage of population.

If I do Pooja’s/ Homa’s regularly and wear Gemstones, will I be successful in life?

  1. Focus on your work and think good to be successful in life. Mantras/ Yoga/ Meditation etc are aids and not solutions.

What is Moksha? How do I attain Moksha? Why should I work towards Liberation?

  1. Moksha means Freedom.
    1. MOHA+KSHYA – Freedom from Desires in simple words.
    1. There are different methods/paths to attain Moksha, explore your path and enjoy the journey. 
    1. No compulsion to work towards liberation but it is the inherent build up of every soul. Otherwise users will not explore this question.