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Vastu Doshas And Remedies: Facts & Home Remedies

Are you aware of the Panchambhootas of energy in the house? Panchambhootas are five sources of energy in the Vastu Shastra or science of balancing good and bad energy in a house. These Panchambhootas are geography, topography, direction, environment and physical architecture. Any imbalance in these five may lead to Vastu doshas. Vastu doshas can have various effects ranging from an unstable mind to the demise of someone in the family. To escape such a situation, you can employ certain simple remedies. Read on the full article for details on Vastu doshas and its remedies. 

Vastu Doshas

Vastu Correction for a Peaceful Home Environment
Vastu Remedies

An introduction to Vastu Doshas will involve the study of the five elements of life- earth, water, sky, air, and fire. These elements constitute our environment in the same ratio as it is present in our body. We need all these elements in proper proportion. If there is an increase or decrease in any of them then the trouble may begin. 

How elements are connected to Panchabhootas?

Panchambhootas determines the flow of these elements. When any part of Panchambhootas are in such  a position that it obstructs the flow of the elements of nature, then there will be a change in proportion of the energy flow which will hence lead to emotional disbalance and therefore, leading to some sort of Vastu doshas, which could not be corrected unless the source of the ill effect is detected and put in proper place. Suppose, if the northeast direction of the house is unclean and full of clutter, then it will invite bad luck and failure. Therefore, losses in terms of finance and health will lead to fear. This is called Vastu dosha because its origins are into Vastu defects and can be fixed only with Vastu remedies.

Vastu Doshas & Remedies

A Map According to Vastu Sensibilities
A Map According to Vastu Shastra

Besides, doshas Vastu Shastra also mentions remedies to get rid of these doshas. Vastu Shashtra is the most ancient science and through ages. Time and again, it has been proved that many of the human miseries and doshas which cannot be sorted through astrology have their basis in Vastu Shastra remedies.  Vastu Shastra considers the northeast and southwest direction, the two most important points in the house. The northeast invites good luck, while the southwest restores it. If there is good luck mind will be fresh and happy. Hence there should be gates in the northeast for the good luck to enter and there should be no exits in the southwest so that the good luck cannot leave your house. 

Vastu Doshas Remedies

Vastu dosha remedies for home vary from Vastu dosha home remedies to complex ones that require reconstruction or in any part of the house.  Let’s study some of the simple easy to do home remedies for Vastu Dosha. These are:

Vastu Doshas And Remedies
Swastik Yantra Spreads Positive Vibes
  • Do not place a picture of Hanumanji on the Soth east wall, this will lead to the risk of fire
  • Place the idol of Lord Ganesha or Laxmiji on the main gate to invite growth.
  • Light a lamp every evening near the water pot 
  • All doors in the house should open towards the right and inside the house.
  • The hinges of all the gates in the house should be noiseless if so it should be greased properly.
  • There should be no water leakage in the house.
  • If there is any family conflicts or tussle, place a family portrait on the wall facing southwest direction, especially in a golden or yellow-coloured frame. This will improve family relations.
  • Any conflicts in social relations can be avoided by putting a picture or portrait of a rising sun on the eastern wall of the house. This will help in rebuilding your social relations and sorting out misunderstandings. 

Vastu Remedies For Bedroom And Kitchen

Vastu Remedies
Family Portrait Improves Family Relations

The bedroom is an important part of the house. It is here that you relax, sleep, and store your belongings. All in all, it is your hub in the house, where you spend most of your time. Guidelines for bedrooms are:

  • The bed should not be under any beam 
  • The mirror should not face the north direction or face the bed.
  • If the bedroom is in the southwest direction of the house, you must keep the head in the south direction during sleep. 
  • Have cupboards in the southwest wall. 
  • You must never leave the bedroom in the darkness, it should be properly lit.
  • Remove unused and old items under the bed. Reduce as much clutter as possible. 


Remedies for the kitchen are:

  • You must have the cooking range in the southern direction.
  • All electrical equipment like mixer grinders and blenders should be on the south wall. 
  • You must keep the cooking area as far as possible from the sink.