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Vastu Compliant House Tips To Follow When You Build a House

When you are constructing your own home, it’s very easy to implement a Vastu compliant house plan. So, here are some Vastu compliant house tips. 

Vastu Tips for Home Construction

Your Vastu compliant house designs should begin when you draw up the plan for your house. If you miss this first step, it will be hard to rectify defects later on.

What is Vastu Compliant House?

Actually, Vastu compliance begins even before you draw up a Vastu compliant house plan. Even the plot you purchase should follow Vastu Shastra rules

House under construction
Vastu compliance should be integrated into your construction

Avoid oval or round plots, or plots where the corners are cut. Square or rectangular plots are best, they balance the natural energies.

Here are some Vastu tips for your home.

The Basic Tips for Your House

Every region in a house or room is associated with a specific deity and also a specific element of nature – Space, water, wind, fire, and earth. When all these are in balance you have the best Vastu compliant house.

The Front Door or Entrance

  • Make sure the Entrance faces the East or the North and lets in a lot of fresh air and sunlight. Further, there should be no obstruction like a tree or a pillar in front of it. 
  • The Northeast is a good direction for an entrance, puja room, balcony, or verandah. You can also have a garden or a lawn here.
  • Use the highest quality of wood possible for your front door.

Living Room and Kitchen

  • The main Vastu compliant house tips for living room – North, Center, and East are good regions for the living room, while West and East are ideal for study rooms.
  • Marble is considered sacred, so use this only in your pooja room and living room. Keep these floors clean and tidy.
  • Place a Tulasi plant in the Northeast, Center, or Southeast. Tulasi increases the positive energies in the house.
  • Your kitchen should ideally be in the Southeast or Northwest. South and Southeast are also ideal for provisions room or storage room in a Vastu compliant house.
  • The Center is also a sacred space, it connects with the sky or Akasha. You can have a living room here, with the central space left open and free of furniture.
  • Staircases should be in the South or Southwest, you can also have your overhead tank in the Southwest.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Bright white bathroom
Use light colours in the bathroom to create a bright, clean ambience
  • Bedrooms should be in the Southwest, West, or Northwest. Always sleep with your head in the South or the East – good directions for health, prosperity, and peaceful sleep.
  • North, Northwest, and West are the directions for your bathroom. Here too, avoid having a bathroom with a toilet in the North, As per Vastu tips for home, you should never have a bathroom or toilet in the Northeast.

Other Areas

  • North is the direction of wealth. So your cash box, lockers, etc should open towards the North.
  • Make sure that the South and West are raised, and the slopes are towards the North or East. Walls should also be higher on the West and South.
  • However, any deep underground structures like wells, borewells, swimming pools should not be in the south or west. You can have these in the North or East directions.
  • For a Vastu compliant house, plant large trees in the Southwest, and small plants and bushes in the North and East. You should avoid thorny desert plants in the house or the garden.
  • There should be some distance between the trees and your house. Also, do not grow creepers near the wall. If they start climbing the wall, it can have some negative effects.
  • The whole house should have good ventilation.

Vastu Colour Tips for Home

  • Vastu colours include green, red, blue, violet, white, yellow, purple and brown. Each colour has its own meaning and significance in Vastu. 
  • For instance, red stands for materialism, but it also denotes bravery, warmth, and high energy.
  • Blue is a soothing colour, it symbolizes contentment, tranquillity, and mercy.
  • Green signifies fertility, growth, prosperity in Vastu colour tips for home.
  • Vastu also provides guidance on which colours to use in which areas of the house.
Vastu tips for home  - Living room with blue sofas
Add Vastu colours through furniture, decor, etc. Blue lends a welcoming and soothing touch

Eliminating Vastu Faults

  • Some basic Vastu tips for home – Place an oil lamp in the East, to get rid of all negative energies. Don’t have any dark corners, install electric lamps to light-up these spaces.
  • Moreover, the entrance should always be illuminated, so place a light bulb over the entrance to light up in the evening.
  • Bedrooms should not have fountains, aquariums, or plants. These are energizing and can cause a restless night.
  • Place an aquarium in the Northeast corner of the living room to welcome prosperity and to add good energy.
  • Get rid of stale foods, broken and useless items quickly, as these are repositories for negative energy.
  • Don’t ever hang depressing or violent pictures in your house. Instead place pictures of lovely peaceful nature, waterfalls, etc.

Keep these Vastu compliant house tips in mind while constructing your house. By understanding what is Vastu compliant house design, you can prevent many serious errors before they happen.