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Identifying Vastu Faults Before You Buy a House

When buying a house, it is important to consider Vastu Shastra guidelines. Make sure that the house conforms as much as possible to Vastu Shastra principles and does not have major Vastu faults.

Vastu Tips for House Purchase

Besides enhancing the looks and layout of the house, Vastu Sastra rules also help to keep the structure in balance with the forces of nature. 

According to Vastu Shastra, you should utilize spaces in the proper way to ensure a balance of the five elements. The five elements according to Hindu texts are Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. 

Vastu Faults - House Jigsaw Puzzle
See if the rooms align with the proper regions

Here are the basic rules, so you can identify Vastu faults in the home while house hunting. Use a house Vastu Chart for guidance:

Rooms and Directions

Each area in a house has to be in the proper region so that the deity that rules that part shall shower you with blessings. Your house will then be filled with positive energy:

The Entrance should preferably be in the East, to welcome the sun’s rays as the sun rises. The sun or Aditya, as well as Indra, rule this direction.

Your Rooms

  • The living room should be in the North, East, or at the Center, which are either energy zones or extremely divine (centre). The sun rules the East, while Kubera rules the North, making it the region of wealth and prosperity.  
  • Your Master bedroom should be in the South or southwest direction. Otherwise, it counts among Vastu faults. Southwest is the Pitru corner, so you will get the blessings of your ancestors. In the south, you can also have a spare bedroom, a provisions room or storeroom, or a staircase. 
  • Vastu for the house says your children’s rooms should be in the Northwest or west. Preferably, the elder child should sleep in the Northwest bedroom. Vayu or air rules the Northwest, so this region will be fresh and clean, ideal for health. West is the corner of water, ruled by Varuna. So this zone is also clean and fresh.
  • Your kitchen and dining room should be in the Southeast, the zone of fire called Agneya. In the kitchen, you should cook facing the east. 
  • The Northeast is an extremely auspicious and sacred direction called Ishaan, as it is ruled by God or Ishwar. Here you can have your pooja room or entrance.
  • According to house design Vastu, you can have a storeroom in the Southeast for food items.
  • The Center is ruled by Brahma and it connects with Akasha or sky. Traditionally, the Center was left open, to connect directly with the cosmic forces. You can have a living room here.
Overhead tank
You can have your overhead tank in the Southwest

Other Areas

  • You can have a bathroom with a toilet in the west or northwest. West is also the area for your septic tank. Never place these facilities in the North or Northeast, these are among the serious Vastu faults.
  • Southwest direction is a good region for your overhead water tank, for a staircase, for wardrobes and closets. 
  • The Northeast direction is also ideal for open spaces like a porch, balcony, etc.

General Vastu for House Rules

The general rule is to keep your raised areas to the south, and any lower levels to the north. You can have your underground water storage tank in the Northeast.

Sleep with your head in the south or east, but never place your head in the North. Your head is your body’s north pole, so like poles repel and give you a restless, disturbed sleep

The north zone is the centre for wealth and it should never be blocked, this is among the major Vastu faults. Your rooms should be clutter-free and clean

Keep your kitchen and bathroom clean, quickly fix any broken tiles. There should be good ventilation in these areas to let in air and sunlight

In your children’s room, avoid loud colours. Place the study table so the child faces east, northeast, or north. However, the computer table should be in the southwest

Vastu Faults - Child's room in the East
Your child’s room should be in the West or Northwest

All open spaces should be in the northern directions. Your garden should be kept clean. Further, avoid thorny plants like cactus, these are Vastu faults. You should ideally keep a Tulasi plant in your home, in the Southeast, Northeast or centre

Internal staircases should not be in the corners or at the centre. The external staircase should ideally be in the southwest

Don’t stack furniture right against the wall, this blocks positive energy. Further, make sure that the number of chairs in your rooms is even in count. Place the furniture in the south or west corners.

All these Vastu tips for the house ensure that you live a happy, prosperous life. Also ensures that you have good health, peace, and harmony while in the house. Buy a house Vastu chart and check whether the property you intend to buy is Vastu compliant.