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Enhance Positive Energy in The House With Vastu Compliance

Vastu Shastra Chart

House hunting? Look for a few basic features to ensure the property complies with a minimum set of Vastu rules. This ensures you enhance positive energy in the house and enjoy peace, prosperity, and good health while you reside in it.

How to Bring Positive Energy Into Your House

Vastu Shastra is not an irrational or occult practice. Basically, its rules help balance natural energies and the five basic elements of the universe.

Further, Vastu Shastra places emphasis on eight directions. These eight zones have different attributes, they also follow the sun’s positions. This enables a builder to make the best possible use of the sun’s heat and light.

Different Zones and The Five Elements

To retain positive energy in the house, it is important to remember the relevance of the five basic elements of nature  – Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. In Vastu Shastra, each room is divided into sixteen areas. Additionally, each of these 16 zones is associated with a specific element. To illustrate, the central region is associated with Akasha or sky (space), North with water, and South with fire. These serve as guides for room positions, to bring positive energy into your home. Thus, you cannot dig a well in the south or have your kitchen in the North, as these conflict with the ruling elements.

Positive Energy in The House Doorway
Entrance door in the right place increases positive energy

Use a Vastu house chart and compass, check if everything is placed in the proper zone. How do you rate a house? You cannot achieve 100% compliance. So, assign a score of 1 for each positive and each negative aspect. Keep the positive and negative scores separate. Finally, add the positive score, subtract the negative score from it. If you get a final score of more than two, the house has good Vastu. 

Check for Positive Energy in The House

Traverse the house, check for Vastu compliance and start scoring. Begin at the Entrance.

The Entrance to your house is a vital point, it lets in both positive and negative energy. South or Southwest are bad directions for the entrance. Choose a house that has the front door in the North or East-facing wall. To bring positive energy into your home, the door should preferably be in the North or Northeast. Ensure the kitchen does not face the front door.

Inside Areas

  • Bathrooms and toilets should be in the southwest or south. Wind usually blows from the northeast to the southwest. A Bathroom/toilet in the southwest or south ensures the wind blows towards it.
  • The Master Bedroom should be in the south or southwest to enhance positive energy in the house. Children’s rooms and the spare bedrooms should be in the Northwest or west, this avoids harsh sunlight from entering the room. These are the zones for Vayu or air and Varuna or water, so these places are usually cool and fresh.
  • Your kitchen should ideally be in the southeast, the zone of fire, or in the Northwest. You can also have your dining room adjacent to the kitchen. Never paint your kitchen walls in black.
  • In order to attract positive energy into your home, the living room can be in the North or East, which are also ideal spots for the main door or entrance.
  • Puja room should ideally be in the northeast.
  • Porches, verandahs, balconies, etc. should be in the northern directions or in the east. South and west are not ideal places for these features, they will decrease the positive energy in the house.
  • The number of doors and windows should be in even numbers. In addition, doors should ideally open inwards to retain positive energy. Hinges should not creak, they should work smoothly.
  • All rooms should have good ventilation, to let in enough sunlight and air.
Water well
Wells, underground water storage facilities, etc should be in the Northern directions

Outside Areas

  • Water storage tanks should ideally be in the Northeast region, to get the benefit of early morning sun rays. However, overhead tanks can be in the Southwest.
  • Avoid houses with slopes and hollow spaces like an underground tank, well, etc in the southern directions. To attract positive energy into your home, underground facilities and open spaces like porches, lawns, and gardens should be in the northern directions.
  • If you are looking at buying flats, apply the general rules to the apartment block. For instance, look for blocks with lawns and borewells in the northern direction.

Some Specifics

  • If you want to travel, look for apartments or houses which have a full boundary wall in the west. In addition, the slopes of the property should be from the southwest to the northeast.
  • If you are concerned about security, avoid apartment blocks with the watchman’s room in the Northeast.

In Conclusion

If the apartment or house has many of the recommended features, go ahead and buy it to welcome positive energy into your house. However, if the property has some Vastu faults but you still like it, do not despair. There are numerous Vastu remedies to correct errors and attract positive energy into your home.