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Art and Vastu – What Paintings To Have in Your Home

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When you move into your Vastu compliant home, you expect prosperity and good fortune. However, there are some other rules to follow, like Vastu art, in order to retain and enhance these good vibes.

Using Your Decor to Enhance Positive Energy

Your house can benefit from the paintings and decorations you use. In fact, paintings can even help offset the effects of bad Vastu. However, you have to know what is good and what’s bad in Art and Vastu.

Art and Vastu – What You Should Not Do

Vastu Shastra Yantra
Vastu Shastra Yantra
  • There are good paintings and bad paintings in art and Vastu. For instance, you should never have any violent or depressing pictures in your home
  • So, even if you work for a charity that helps animals, do not hang pictures that depict animal torture, or animals in misery
  • These pictures in your home create a negative atmosphere of fear and sadness
  • Do not display abstract paintings in your home. These are good to look at and admire in a museum. However, they create confusion, anxiety, and stress when displayed at home
  • As per art and Vastu – Never hang pictures of just a fire, like a burning house, a forest fire, or just a flame, etc in your home
  • Any fire image should be balanced by other elements in the painting, like water, wind, etc. However, you can display a picture of a burning clay lamp or a set of burning candles, these are auspicious
  • Avoid pictures of crying and misery, also do not display pictures of lonely birds. For, these instil a subtle sense of misery or loneliness in your subconscious mind
  • Don’t hang up pictures depicting war and conflict in your home. For these, in turn, create conflict within family members
  • According to art and Vastu precepts, the children’s room should not be decorated with negative slogans or dark, miserable scenes. Instead, hang pictures of brightness and hope in your kid’s rooms

Artwork You Can Show Off for Good Effects

Vastu Purushan
Vastu Purushan
  • Paintings of peaceful scenes, happiness and laughter enhance our moods, so here are ideas for Vastu art interiors:
  • You can decorate the North, East, and Northeast walls of your home with Vastu artwork of Gods.
  • Paintings of running horses are powerful Vastu art. Always ensure that the whole horse is shown, no horse should be cut off in the artwork.
  • Horses symbolize power, loyalty, speed, freedom, and progress. So, horse Vastu art can help you progress in your career, and achieve success in business.
  • Art and Vastu rules suggest the horses should be in happy attitude and should be in brown and other dark colours to add vibrancy to the surroundings.
  • Display lovely, happy, yet subdued paintings of scenery in the South, Southwest, or West walls. These zones are not meant for bright sceneries.
  • You can add paintings of sunrise, bright sceneries, green forests and fields in the East or Southeast. It enhances the energies of the sun and fire forces.
  • Paintings of moving water like waterfalls, a flowing stream or river can be displayed in the North zone to increase prosperity as this is the zone of wealth.
  • Lovely positive paintings in the Northwest helps improve the relationship and also your tendencies towards helping others.
  • You can have pictures of ancestors and departed family members in the south. The South is also a symbol of progress and reputation. So, showcase any awards and other recognition you have received here.
  • Put up Vastu artwork of rocky mountains in the Southwest, which is also the region of the Earth element in our house. This symbolizes stability and strength.
  • Decorate the Northwest corner (wind zone) with paintings of flying birds, pictures of trees and plants bent by the wind. An energized wind zone enhances prosperity and career growth.

Art and Vastu – Paintings In Offices and Other professional Facilities

Vastu Purushan back

Vastu Purushan back
  • Paintings that encourage positive attitudes should be used in offices. Display slogans for productivity around the premises.
  • If there is strife within your office staff – Vastu art paintings with blue as the main colour like calm skies, calm blue sea or rivers in the Southeast are effective in reducing the effect of the fire element.
  • Display paintings of moving water or place an aquarium in the Northeast to enhance the good energy.
  • However, avoid using too many artworks in your office, as this can cause confusion. Be minimalist in attitude, use a few Vastu art chosen carefully and place them in the proper corners.
  • Vastu artwork in restaurants should make people hungry. Display paintings of colourful fruits and foodstuffs.
  • In hotels, display wonderful landscape paintings, pictures of rocky mountains, flowering trees, flowing rivers. This attracts more visitors to the premises.
  • In hospitals, make use of calming Vastu art paintings with blue as the dominant colour, to calm and soothe patients.

Paintings exercise a subtle influence on our subconscious. This is the reason rules of Art and Vastu advises against the use of negative paintings and artwork in your home. 

On the other hand, happy images, bright meaningful pictures that convey hope and laughter, paintings of beautiful scenery and happy animals induce happiness and hope in us too. So, follow Art and Vastu tenets. You can also display special Vastu art paintings to welcome positive forces into your home.