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Vastu Shastra Myths – What is the Truth?

Vastu Shastra Yantra

Vastu Shastra is based on good scientific principles. It was designed for buildings in ancient times. However, while it has grown in popularity, it has got bogged down by many Vastu Shastra myths. 

The Vastu Shastra Myths

Vastu Shastra has been used for building temples, public buildings, roads, houses, and other structures in India since ancient times. It also regulates the flow of energy (natural forces) through the structure.

However, in recent years, Vastu Shastra has gained a dubious reputation. This is due to the commercialization of Vastu and the so-called Vastu experts whose sole aim is to make money by creating Myths about Vastu Shastra. So they scare clients and make them carry out foolish remedies including demolition and reconstruction.

Vastu Myths and Reality

The vastu chart is scientific, doesn't believe in Vastu shastra myths.
A Vastu Chart

You have to remember that Vastu Shatra is very old. There are references to it in the Rig Veda. So, back then, the construction needs were different. Each structure had to make use of design and layout to keep the place clean and dry. 

So, these are not Vastu Shastra myths, they were practical rules back then. Builders had to make provisions to let in ample amount of heat, wind, light, and air, to keep the various spaces free of dust, moisture, and dirt.

For instance, wet spaces like bathrooms were located in the south and east directions. This allowed them to get intense heat, to keep them dry. They also harnessed the wind, so the wind blew towards them rather than from them.

How Vastu Rules Became “Myths”

Many pseudo-Vastu pundits earn their living by scaring their clients. So, the Vastu rules, instead of being shown as the common-sense regulations, were twisted and taken out of context. Flouting these rules, these experts claimed, would bring all sorts of bad luck and calamities on the occupants.

They even claimed that the large crowd in famous temples like Tirupati was due to Vastu, not the deities themselves! So, many people bought the scare tactics of Vastu Shastra myths, and went in for high-cost renovations and paid the Vastu consultants huge sums for their advice.

The Rules and Their Relevance Today

Many Vastu rules have become Vastu Shastra Myths today. So, what are the basic Vastu precepts and how strictly do you have to follow them Today?

Debunking Vastu shastra myths
The entrance to the house should be in the East or Northeast.

Harnessing The Sun and The Wind

Vastu Shastra says you have to have an entrance in the East or Northeast, these are the most auspicious directions. These are not Myths in Vastu Shastra. The science behind it is that these are the positions of the sun during dawn and pre-dawn hours.

In the pre-dawn hours, the air is clean, pure, and cool. So, the wind blowing from these directions are circulated into your house through the front door and windows. They clear your home of stale air and make the inside air pure and fresh.

Puja room in this direction will refresh you and calm you. It is right for prayer and meditation.

Sun shining through the Eastern entrance during the dawn hours let in just the right amount of heat. The heat needed to dry out moist corners and get rid of insects that might have entered during the night.

Large windows in the East and Northeast in the living room perform the same functions.

Bedrooms in the Southwest, North, and West receive less heat during the night. This is important for a good sleep in a tropical country like India.

Kitchen in the Southeast and Northwest have similar benefits of less intense heat and good airflow.

The Relevance of these rules today

Vastu design that talks about the vastu compliance of a house.
Vastu Design

Let us say you have a south-facing entrance or a kitchen that is not in the southeast, should you demolish them and reconstruct your house?

Certainly not, you now have appliances like normal fans, exhaust fans, electric chimneys, etc. to circulate the air. You also have air-conditioners and air-purifiers to keep your rooms filled with cool, fresh air.

Bathrooms can also be fitted with exhaust fans to let out the air, and modern bathrooms are built to be clean and dry. So they don’t need intense heat and a lot of wind.

Dark corners in rooms can affect the room’s ambience and mood. However, this can now be easily rectified by installing light bulbs.

As most people live in apartment complexes, the position of common staircases, lifts, etc. do not matter. They are not directly relevant to the homes you live in.

 Still Afraid?

Your home flaunts certain Vastu rules. You are afraid that these will harm you? Don’t worry, many defects can be rectified by simple methods like changing the position of furniture, by adding a few Vastu colours, by using Vastu paintings, yantras, etc. 

So, don’t buy into the myths in Vastu Shastra promoted by false experts. Bear in mind that Vastu Shastra rules are common sense suggestions. If you follow the basic rules while building your house, you will be making the best use of natural energies, and save on electricity bills.