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Frequently asked questions – jothishi

How often should I check my chart?

  • Once a year or max twice a year in case of any emergency.
    1. We have come across users who want solutions every week. The solution lies within you and we are here only for a direction.
    1. Not advisable to get addicted to anything, anyone in life.

What if one does not know the birth time?

  1. Accurate Birth time is an important input for analysis.
    1. Birth time rectification is a paid product
      1. You may check with your parents and give a range of time and two events in your life and we shall rectify the timings. Without Birth time there is no point in Analysis.

How does Birth time rectification happen?

  1. It is an iterative process wherein we try and map the events in your life (atleast 2-3 events) with your chart and arrive at an accurate time.

Do I need Jothish inputs to live my life?

  1. Absolutely not required!

Can I check my chart with multiple astrologers?

  1. Multiple not preferred. May be two is a good option – just to have a second opinion like in the case of Doctors.

What if multiple Astrologers give different opinions and points of view?

  1. There are competent and good professionals in all fields.
    1. It is one’s role to identify good Astrologers as well like we figure out good Engineers, Architects, Doctors, Lawyers etc.
    1. If the Jothishi is able to track your past approximately and explain your character etc to a fair degree of accuracy and you are impressed, then you are in the right track.
    1. Choose one or two good Jothishi and the opinion should be same. The diagnosis cannot/should not be different if both are equally competent.
    1. Focus and choose any professional who are more interested in the subject rather than money.

How do we identify a real Astrologer?

  1. Competence – quality of their knowledge and insight/ability to predict.
    1. Like in any other fields – some are good in research, some are good in prediction, some have sixth sense, some have capability to market themselves well, some whatever they say comes true etc.
    1. You need to figure out a good professional.
    1. Jothishi is a consulting role and has an aspect of Divinity unlike other professions and hence a good professional may not be bothered much about money/ monetary implications
    1. And will not try to force fit his/her ideas onto the user or try to hard-sell any related product.

Some Astrologer told me that I will become famous, but I have not? Why?

  1. Good Jothishi’ s may not explicitly say that one will become very famous – quantification of money, wealth, fame etc is difficult and variable – it depends on the current base and level of a user.
    1. There are very few charts who did start with humble beginnings and end up being a world figure.
    1. Not many Jothishi’ s can quantify the level of fame or wealth. It is an on-going research.
    1. Check when (time frame), if it has not happened, then may be the analysis was not accurate.
    1. Or may be the time frame was not accurate.

Why should one believe in Astrology?

  1. One need not believe in anything based on reading or hearing.
    1. It is good to explore more about the subject
    1. If the experience is good, then one can get a little serious about the same.
    1. And may be start believing
    1. The greatest in any filed of study are those who do not blindly accept any concept and questioned everything.

Can one identify a celebrity through a Vedic chart?

  1. Yes, Why not?

Can Astrologers go wrong? Why?

  1. Yes, like in any other field, Astrologers also can go wrong. Reasons could be limited subject knowledge, mistake by an Astrologer, Karma of the user is very strong to give a mistake etc.

Can the analysis of go wrong?

  1. Yes, we could also go wrong. After all we are also human beings.

Why do twins born of same parents, living under same environment and circumstances have different lifestyles?

  1. A minute of difference can change the divisional charts and hence the difference in life styles of twins. Probably the only theory which explains why twins have different fate.

Why are some rich and some people poor? Some happy some not? Some seem gifted and some not? Some handicapped and some are fine.

  1. Kindly read through the Karma theory in detail ( ). Happiness and feeling gifted is a state of mind and may not be related to external factors in a spiritual plane.

How do we progress in the journey of getting peace with ourselves?

  1. Introspect, Meditate, try to connect with yourself, focus on your karma, think good for all, every person’s journey is different, get closer with almighty.

Some people say that there is no use of Astrology?

  1. Everyone will and should have a point of view and we should respect the view. We Hindus consider Rama and Krishna as Gods and Jothish was prevalent even then and has crossed the test of time. Kindly read

Do we decide our own destiny?

  1. Fate Vs Freewill is an age-old debate. If we work on our free-will with sincerity in our lives destiny will shape itself positively.
    1. It is an individual choice to believe in god or not, believe in astrology or not.
    1. And similarly have an opinion if the destiny is carved by them or not.

What is Karma? And Types of Karma?

  1. Karma means work or deed.
    1. Types of Karma are Sanchita Karma, Kriyamana Karma, Prarabdha Karma, Aagami Karma.

Does Karma have a rub off on our existence? Why?

  1. It does. Do good and goodness shall reflect onto you. Every person has a different journey.