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What is Karana ? Simply a Yoga or Time?

panchanga tells us the auspiciuos and inauspiciuos times in our horoscope

Karana is a part of the panchang. It is related to the lunar day or tithi. In fact, it is half of a tithi. Actually, it is one of the parts of the Hindu panchang. To explain further, it is considered completed when the difference between the positions of the sun and moon progress beyond MULTIPLES of six degrees. Moreover, people have considered it important for centuries and refer to the panchang to understand its presence and effects. To know how many karanas in astrology affect us, we need to understand the panchang.

What does karana mean? To clearly understand it , it would be good to know about our Hindu panchang. As the name suggests, panchang means five parts. This is a Hindu calendar that is centuries old! We greatly depend on the panchang to know the auspicious and inauspicious times. That is, it helps to determine the planetary positions and nakshatras while analysing their influence in our lives.

What is Karana in Astrology?

Hindus consider the panchang a valuable guide to life’s occasions. Further, we refer the panchang and understand our positive and negative times. The five parts of panchang are Rasi, Nakshatra, Tithi, Yoga and Karana. According to astrology, a yoga is formed by a combination of two karanas. Therefore it is made of half a yoga.

There are totally eleven karanas in our Hindu astrology according to Hindu astrology. The eleven karanas are calculated on the moon’s waxing and waning. That is, each karana is positioned at six degrees of the angular measurement between sun and moon.

The karanas are calculated based on the moons state
Moon and Karanas

Types and Effects

Bhav Karana: This karana gives you respect and regard from people. A person of this type is just and remains away from any illegal activity. Most importantly, they are religious and enjoy sacred duties. They are realistic and firmly believe in honesty. As a matter of fact, such persons are hard -working and thrive to complete their duties sincerely. Finally, if you have bhav, you will be much loved for your good qualities.

Balav: You may be similar to the person with bhav. The native with the balav is also pious and spends time in pilgrimages. They dedicate valuable lifetime in pious activities. In general, they are well qualified and have a stable life.

Kaulav: You may be an outgoing person if you have this karana. For instance your sociable nature will give you a large friends group. And, your personality is confident at all times. Furthermore, friends favour you and appreciate your self- esteem.

Tailtil: Fortunate persons enjoy this karana. These are persons with wealth and luxuries.Importantly, if you have tailtil karana, you may be bestowed with love.

Gar: You are hard-working and dedicated to work Those with tailtil believe only labour can make them successful and not fate. Thus, such persons are good in agricultural activities and domestic management.

Vanij: This type of Karana can make you intelligent. With this personality, you have a strong business acumen at an early age. And you travel extensively for business purpose. Therefore, this Karana can make a successful business person.

Shakuni: If you have this karana, you will be proficient in solving conflicts. Such persons show intelligence in resolving issues. Often, they become physicians due to an interest in medicines.

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Chatushpad: If you have this karana, you can be pious and animal loving. You show high regard to learned people and wish to serve animals. These permsons become good veterinary doctors due to their interest in treating animals.

Kimstughna: A fortunate person! You could be prosperous and educated. These persons are drawn to humanitarian deeds. According to astrology, they enjoy every happiness in life.

Some Negatives too!

Vishti: A person with vishti karana may be unfortunate. As a result of a malefic effect on the horoscope, they may be unethical. According to astrology, this person can have an immoral nature. Furthermore, they can be revengeful and extreme.

Nag: This can be an ill karana. With nag, a person can achieve anything only with hard work. Luck never favours them. They may face difficulties in life and are impatient by nature.

Fascinating Facts about Karana

  • There are thirty thithis in a Hindu Lunar calendar. Therefore, we have sixty half karanas in panchang and astrology.
  • Seven karanas happen eight times in a lunar month.
  • Four karanas remain constant.
  • Bhav, balav, kaulav, gar, tailtil, vanij and vishti recur eight times every lunar month.
  • Whereas, shakuni, chatushpad, nag, kimstugna are constant. Moreover, we consider them inauspiciuos.