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What are the Theories of Astrology?

A theory is a well-supported principle or idea. Theories explain something and how it works to us. So the theories of astrology are the explanations of its principles. This does vary between the different schools of astrology though the basic premises of most are similar. The basic principles of astrology are relatable to the principles of the social sciences.

The physical mechanisms of astrology are so far unexplained. There are visible means by which we see that the Sun and the Moon influence the Earth. The tides and seasons are the most obvious. But physically explaining how the Moon in your chart indicates your mother is not yet possible. However, there are certain rules that are the foundation of astrology. These serve as the theories by which astrologers interpret a birth chart.

The problem with defining a general astrological theory is that it varies so much between different systems of astrology and even from astrologer to astrologer. On a global scale, there is no one set theory that can be called the definitive book of astrology theory. Instead, there are many theories and different methods to read a chart.

The common facets of astrology that form the theory of astrology across most of the schools of astrology are

Individual Nativity

A birth chart represents the 360 degrees of the sky as seen from the Earth. The birth chart is a snapshot of the planets that are transiting at a particular moment. These planets are in a chart based on the degree of the constellation that they are in at that moment. So, every individual, event, country or thing that has come into existence at a particular moment in time in a particular geographical location has its own unique configuration of planets in a chart. But the commonality of it all is that we are all influenced by these planets.

Every Individual Has A Unique Birthchart
Every Individual Has A Unique Birthchart

Relativity And Corelativity

Though we are all part of the universe, a person’s life is a microcosm that is a part of the greater macrocosm. The microcosm and macrocosm are still aligned and in tune with each other across space and time.  


As all the universe moves in concert with the cosmic influences as described above, it follows that their cycles and phases of evolution and development would also be aligned and linked. Though they are separate they are still synchronous.


The stars do not dictate everything but they do impel people along certain paths as per their placements. So, people have tendencies that are dictated by the rules of astrology within the framework of the cosmos. 


The movements of the planets and their cycles and patterns are relevant and are open to interpretation by astrologers. 

Astrology - Cyclical
Astrology – Cyclical

Astrological Theory And The Social Sciences

Astrology and social science developed totally independent of each other but parallels can be easily drawn between both the theories. The personality and behavioural theories of social sciences are an excellent framework to relate to how astrology works.

Values And Identity

Social science categorises the values of a person. In sociology, society advances from one set of values to the next in steps. Astrology looks at the same values as a repeating developmental cycle between these values. We differentiate the values by the grammar of identity; me, you, us and them. The astrological signs and the nature that is ascribed to each of the signs fit into this easily in groups of three.


Sociological theory categorises the skills of a person as a defender, provider, promoter and challenger. The twelve houses of the chart are also easily categorised into these roles. 

Emotional Intelligence

The emotional intelligence of a person can be studied as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. Astrology addresses all these four facets of the emotional maturity of a person.

Elements Of The Signs
Elements Of The Signs


Sociology defines six types of love in people that are; physical, possessive, playful, practical, friendly and unselfish. The natures of the signs of the zodiac also fit into these categories.

Types Of Love
Types Of Love

Projection And Problematic Milestones

The planets move in a cyclical manner. The slow planets particularly have very definitive influences on a person’s life as per astrology. So, their particular positions with relevance to the original placement in the birth chart hold meaning that is very positive or extremely difficult. This is why people who are aware of astrology follow the transits of planets like Saturn and Jupiter so carefully. These planet ‘returns’ occur at certain ages that are particularly problematic. According to Freud, a person attributes thoughts and feelings to other external individuals. This is projection. Astrology also defines periods of time when a person has specific urges and thoughts during certain transits that can be attributed to the nature of the planet transits.