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Vastu Tips for Living Room – Encouraging a Space of Harmony and Prosperity

Vastu Shastra Chart

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Sanskrit term which means “the science of architecture.” The traditional Hindu term is called the “yoga of design” and attempts to make a space congenial to live and work by attracting the benefits of nature, its energy and elements. For residential spaces, Vastu Tips for Living Room, in particular, attracts positive vibrations and induces peace, prosperity and harmony. Vastu Shastra combines the five elements of nature, unlocking their energies and balancing them with man and material to live in tune with nature.

The Importance of Living Room

A living room or sitting room is arguably the most important space of privacy for the family. It’s the space where family members and friends gather to bond with each other. Sharing joy and laughter, catching up with relatives and moments of celebration in the living room strengthen one-to-one connections and fosters a better understanding of human emotions. In other words, it serves a dual purpose, perfect for socializing and for times of privacy.

For this reason, designing your living room as per Vastu holds supreme importance that also shields inhabitants from possible ill-effects. While designing the living room, emphasize on the entrance, the placement of furniture, decorative items, photographs & paintings, furnishings, lighting, colours and other aspects to create a balanced environment.

Whatever the tips as per living room Vastu Shastra are, they should combine all the architectural aspects (layout, design, arrangements & measurements) with the Pancha Bhootas (earth, water, fire, air & space) to pave the way for enlightenment.

This article attempts to clear the doubts surrounding Vastu for designing the perfect living room and provides comprehensive insights into the same. You will gain in-depth knowledge and know the specific purpose of placing certain items in a particular location or direction. You will also know why certain items should not be placed in a specific location or face a specific direction.

Living room with wall portraits (Vastu tips for living room)
Living room with wall portraits

The Location of the Living Room

Let us begin with the ideal location for your living room that derives maximum benefits and fosters a pleasing atmosphere. This versatile space defines the destiny of inhabitants to a large extent as it’s the place for numerous activities. Here are some important locations to consider for your living room:

North-West Location

This location, belonging to air, is the most ideal location for your living room. Also, it’s the perfect place if not for late-night parties and get-togethers. It’s the quadrant indicating movement and thus, encourages guests to leave at the earliest.

North-East Location

This area invites loads of positive energy, promotes inner peace and creates a serene environment. It’s because the location is also ideal for pooja room that also encourages divinity and tranquillity.

Northern Location

The positive vibrations emitting from this location creates a welcoming ambience. Other benefits also include the generation of wealth and robust health for the residents.

South-West Location

It’s a location that attracts a lot of guests since it creates a homely feel for everyone. But, the location is favourable for the residents. This location relates to Prithivi (Earth) and signifies stability. It’s a fantastic location if you love to attract guests and interact with them for longer periods of time.

Living room with aesthetic lighting (Vastu tips for living room)
Living room with aesthetic lighting

Vastu Tips for Placement of the Door

In almost all houses, the main entrance is often through the living room. The East or North is an auspicious location to install the main door. These two directions attract wealth and foster good health for the entire family. They are considered the doorway to success however, having the main door in the west is ideal for researchers and academic professionals.

Never hang the portrait or photograph of god above the entrance door from the outside.

Not-to-Miss Vastu Tips for Living Room

There are several things to consider while designing the cordial living room. Every aspect is critically important to feel the difference flowing with the energy of life. Here are the important aspects to consider:

Placing the furniture

The right direction and placement of the decor, particularly the furniture adds a homely touch that is distinct from a hotel room. The west or south-west direction should feature-heavy furniture like the sofa set. Make sure to install the television and other electronic equipment in the south-east region of the living room. In case the dining space is a part of the living room, it should be in the east or south-east location.


Vastu Shastra colour tips for living room often follow lighter shades to capture positive energy and spread positive vibrations. Pleasing shades like light pink, white, cream, floral white and beige are signs of purity, warmth, tranquillity and beauty. They help create a lasting positive impression with loads of energy. Vastu tips for painting living room also include colouring the dining space. You can include colours like saffron, peach or yellow to harmonize the space with electrifying energy.

Create a balance with furniture that are in contrast with the primary hue to fill the living room with the perfect energy and happiness.

Not to have decor items

All the decor items placed in the living room have a particular impact on the vibrations. Select objects have negative effects and encourage the bad flow of energy, leading to an unhealthy home environment. Make sure not to place these decor products:

Paintings of negative scenes including wars, a crying child, a sinking ship or showing any type of sadness promotes pain and sorrow. Never use them in your living room or anywhere in your house. The same applies to pictures of weapons and guns and should be avoided at all costs. Repair or discard electronic appliances that are not in working condition. Also, avoid keeping broken photo frames or showpieces and cracked mirrors since they invite bad luck.

Living room with sofa arrangement (Vastu tips for living room)
Living room with sofa arrangement

Installing the chandelier and other lighting equipment

Often, the chandelier looks attractive when placed in the centre. However, it should be installed in the south or the west side to spread harmony. The living room should have good lighting with warm yellowish lights instead of harsh and bright white ones.

As for other lighting choices, install bulbs that give a soothing glow and create a cosy atmosphere that promotes warmth.

Pooja space

If there is no separate pooja room, the ideal choice is often the living room. The pooja cabinet should be in the northeast direction of the room.

The aquarium

If you wish to erect an aquarium, placing it in the east, north or northeast part removes negativity. Placing it in the south drains positive energy.

The best shapes matter

Speaking of living room Vastu tips, your furniture should be square or rectangular in shape with straight lines. Furniture that is circular, triangle-shaped or hexagonal in shape creates clutter and confusion.

Flowers and plants

The right placement of flowers and plants is also a prominent factor of Vastu tips for living room decoration. Incorporating real flowers in your living room injects positive energy. It’s auspicious to keep Chinese bamboo plants too. Make sure to keep money plants in water to ensure prosperity. Avoid plastic plants and flowers as they can be a sign of stale and hence, attract negative energy.

Kindly note that dried flowers and plants should be discarded immediately and replaced with fresh ones. Place the plants and flowers preferably in the northeast corner while avoiding any mess.


Light curtains are great for windows facing the northeast direction that invites the morning sun. Heavy drapes and curtains are ideal for windows in the southwest wall. A single type or a combination of light and thick curtains are also perfect.

Living room with fire place and wall portrait (Vastu tips for living room)
Living room with a fireplace and wall portrait

Living Room Vastu Shastra General Information

Make sure there are no beams or girder running along the ceiling as sitting under it leads to stress and anxiety. Exposed overhead beams are also considered very bad and encourage feelings of depression. A false ceiling should hide the exposed beams.

The head of the family should face the east or north to retain his importance and avoid being dominated by others. It’s also advisable to avoid the back of the head’s chair facing the living room door.

If your living room should have a fireplace, it should be situated in the southeast part. This location can transform the space positively. Having it in any other location creates disturbances, thus, induces health problems and unwanted fear.

The Takeaway

Vastu tips for living room are the first thing prospective home buyers consider before finalising. A well-balanced living room can influence other areas and spaces depending on the vibes it attracts and generates. It’s also a place where every member of the family relates to and carry forward the vibrations into their daily life.

A perfect living room harmonises and bonds the entire family into an invincible force. Since its the only place in the house perfect for the family and relatives, steps should be taken to keep the living room in a blissful state free from clutter and dust. Clutter and unused objects block emotions and the spiritual power in your house. A well-organized living room promotes calmness and positivity. Dust can invite loads of negative energy and also make the living room look shabby and uninviting.