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Vastu Kitchen – The Perfect Recipe for Healthy Living

Scientific Vastu Kitchen (vastu kitchen)

Vastu, the science of architecture, has been influencing the construction and designing of houses for decades. But, in recent years, it has gained immense popularity following a paradigm shift in lifestyle choices. While designing the house on the principles of Vastu has not changed much, Vastu kitchen methodology remains an important aspect.

Why Vastu for Kitchen?

As per Vastu Shastra, energies constantly surround us wherever we are and the kitchen is no different. Vastu helps balance these energies and induce harmony in our lives. The kitchen is one of the most important parts of your house. Here, raw uncooked food items transform into nutritious dishes promoting good health. The finished food contains the energy to induce positivity and enhance the quality of life. You can find all types of energies in the kitchen and, any imbalance in the kitchen impacts the health and the well-being of the entire family. The adverse repercussions can be seen in all other areas of your life.

Considering this, Vastu of kitchen gains paramount importance and includes its direction, the placement of equipment, the colour and the storage of raw food products and groceries. It becomes extremely important to strike a balance between these energies in the kitchen to ensure a Vastu compliant kitchen free from all negative elements.

A Modern Kitchen Idea (vastu kitchen)
A Modern Kitchen Idea

The Direction

Vastu Shastra shows that Agni, the lord of fire, conquers the southeast direction. And since the kitchen represents the fire element of nature, this happens to be the ideal location. The northwest direction is the only other alternative but, no other direction is good. And, placing the kitchen in the southwest area brings health issues to female members of the family. The northeast direction creates sickness and poverty.

Install the door either in East, North or West while avoiding the corners whatsoever.

The Placement of Kitchen Items

Thinking of Vastu kitchen tips, efforts should be taken to place the gas cylinder and the stove in the southeast direction, ensuring the person cooking faces the east direction. Keep the empty cylinder in the southwest direction. If the person cooking faces the west while cooking, he/she will invite health problems. Facing the south while cooking invites financial problems.

The refrigerator should take the southeast, west or north direction only. In case it should be installed in the southwest direction, make sure it’s a foot away from the corner to ensure functionality.

Modern Kitchen with Counter Tops (vastu kitchen)
Modern Kitchen with Counter Tops

Only the southeast or south direction is the ideal place for all electrical equipment including microwave ovens, heaters and toasters. Spare the northeast corner for the sink/washbasin. Take every effort to keep the stove and sink far away from each other. This is because the fire element and the water element of nature are exact opposites and, their energies will clash if placed next to each other.

Another prominent aspect of Vastu kitchen direction is the storage. Install storage racks on the southern or western wall. Your water sourcing equipment should be placed in the northeast direction.


Ample ventilation for your kitchen is crucial to encourage the free flow of fresh energy. The kitchen must have windows facing the east to invite energising morning light. It brightens the kitchen and promotes excellent health. It’s advisable to install the exhaust in the eastern wall. Having a ventilator in the southern direction is a plus point.

Kitchen with Ample Lighting (vastu kitchen)
Kitchen with Ample Lighting

The Colours

Since your kitchen is an important source of energy and sound health, the colours should be vibrant reflecting positive aura. The ideal colours to use in this regard are yellow, orange, rose, chocolate and shades of brown. Never use black colour for painting your kitchen since it represents negative energy and death.

What to Avoid While Looking at Vastu of Kitchen?

There are a number of things to stay away from while designing your perfect kitchen. Keep the following information handy for the same:

  • Never have bathrooms or toilets adjoin the kitchen or have them above or below the kitchen
  • The kitchen door and the toilet door should never face each other
  • Never place the dining table in the centre of the kitchen. It should be placed in the northwest corner
  • While having food, its advisable to face towards east or north to aid good digestion
  • Avoid having the pooja room above the stove or the sink since it invites bad luck
  • Your kitchen should never face the entrance of your house

The Final Word

Maintaining the balance of energies in your kitchen is the first thing you should consider to create a dream space with nutritious food and robust health. The right placement of objects and kitchen items elevate this importance further.