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Secrets Of Astrology

Astrology has evolved over the years in different parts of the world. Over generations, this knowledge has been passed on within families and taught to a select few. While most astrologers use their knowledge as a gift to help people, others have used astrology to promote extensive fear-mongering for financial gain. Since bad news does travel faster than good, it is often these misconceptions that gain a foothold in the minds of the common man. This results in many unsuspecting people being scared into performing totally unnecessary remedies that only serve to line the pockets of so-called astrologers. This also leads to disrepute being brought upon the field. There are many secrets in astrology that the common man doesn’t really know simply because they do not know the right questions to ask.

The Lagna Chart And Divisional Charts

The layman is aware of his birth chart. Some people know of the Navamsa chart. However, there are so many divisional charts that hold detailed information specific to different areas of life. Experienced and mathematically sound astrologers can also read the navamsa placements just by looking at the degrees of planets in the Lagna chart. So, the ability to calculate a whole range of divisional or harmonic charts from a person’s birth data is a secret that most people are unaware of.

Lagna And Navamsa Chart
Lagna And Navamsa Chart

The Dreaded Mercury Retrograde

Mercury effects communications and travel. So, a retrograde Mercury can throw up problems in this aspect. Most people who are aware of this secret of astrology avoid important communications and making travel arrangements at this time. So, the people who are aware of this are extra careful to double-check their travel plans and make allowances for delays. The next time you find yourself forgetting the subject line or attachment in an email you might have the Mercury retrograde to blame. 

Jupiter Return

Jupiter takes about 12 years to complete a full cycle around the signs of the zodiac. A person might experience this as some significant period of good luck every 12 years. They can thank their Jupiter return to the house of birth for this.

Jupiter The Great Benefic
Jupiter The Great Benefic

Saturn Return

Saturn is a slower moving planet and takes longer than Jupiter to complete his cycle around the signs. Every 27 to 29 years there will a recurring pattern of some great lesson that Saturn teaches us that also holds an opportunity. This happens when Saturn returns to one’s birth placement.

Kundali Matching

Most of the traditional Kundali matching methods and the computerised automated matches only use the moon sign. Comparing the Moon sign and even the Moon nakshatra does not really give a true picture of compatibility. A good astrologer compares other factors and placements in a chart to find a suitable match. So, it is good for people to be aware of this and to go to a reputed and qualified astrologer to properly compare two birth charts for marriage purposes.

Yogas And Doshas

Many commonly found yogas and Doshas in a chart have earned an undeserved reputation. Be it the coveted Gaj Kesari Yog or the feared Mangal Dosh, there are many blind beliefs about these positions that are not fully understood by people. The ancient texts that define these placements have many conditions that apply. Do not interpret them in isolation. There are many people who are born with a Gaj Kesari Yog. But, only a select few who actually see its extraordinary results. One should study and understand all the rules that apply to these placements before jumping to conclusions.

Different Schools Of Astrology

There are many schools of astrology and even different ways of demarcating the zodiac. Any layman who has tried to compare his sidereal and tropical charts will tell you how confused one can get. Different Ayanamsas will also create differences in charts. Learned astrologers are in constant debate about which system, zodiac and Ayanamsa is the best. A person comparing different astrologers will find that there are startlingly accurate readings by astrologers using different systems. What seems to work for one astrologer may not work for the other. So, finding the one that works for you and sticking with it seems the logical thing to do. 


Astrologers find that eclipses cause unsettled energy. Avoid important tasks and decisions in the days around an eclipse.

Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse


Each day and night is divided into 24 subdivisions called Horas ruled by different planets. These horas are auspicious for certain activities and inauspicious for others. So, one can plan one’s day according to the Horas for a better chance of good results.