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Mrigashirsha Nakshatra

Head of an Animal - Mriga


Mriga -shira – head of an animal
  • Nakshatra translates to Star Map, where “Naksha” means map and “tara “means star in Sanskrit.
  • Nakshatras are lunar mansions in Indian astronomy. The 360◦ lunar zodiacs are divided into, twelve houses of the zodiac of 30◦ each comprise of 27 constellations (mansions) of 13.20 ◦ each, which are further divided into 4(quarters) pada. Each constellation is identified as a star, and the moon resides in each of these constellations
  • The creation of Nakshatras is attributed to Daksha, son of Prajapati.  The 27 nakshatras are his daughters married to Chandra (moon).
  • These stars based on a person’s time of birth determines ones’ Janma Nakshatra and thereby their kundali or astrological chart, which precedes all astrological calculations. This is unique to Indian astronomy.
  • The Nakshatras have three main attributes: Deva- Divine; Nara – Human and Rakshasa- Demonic.  Based on these attributes they determine personality traits of Kama, Artha, Dharma & Moksha.

Mrigashrisha Nakshatra

  • The fifth star of the lunar mansion Mrigashīra “the deer’s head”. Also known as āgrahāyaṇī- related to the full moon of the month.
  • Etymologically Mṛgaśira is a composite of two Sanskrit words,” mṛga “meaning animal/beast and “śira “meaning head or precisely, the top of the head.
  • This is the correct name but popularly called Mrigashira.  
  • The mansion lies in Indian zodiac: 23° 20′ Vrishabha – 6° 40′ Mithuna; Western zodiac: 19° 20′ Gemini – 2° 40′ Cancer
  • The Sanskrit root of Mrigashira – mrig means to seek and is also called the Searching Star. It belongs to the three-star constellation of Lambda Orionis- celestial huntsman head
  • The ruling deity of Mrigashira is Soma- God of Immortal Nectar and her ruling planet is Mars.
  • The creator Lord Brahma in a desire to create more perfect and beautiful beings in the universe was obsessed with his beautiful daughter Rohini.  Sensing her father’s attraction and intention she assumed the form of a deer and fled.
  • He kept chasing her in the form of a Stag. Lord Shiva sensing the incestuous intentions beheaded the stag, which became a constellation symbolised by a Deer Head.
  • Mrigashira, the star is represented by a female serpent and Silver grey colour.  Mrigashira has Deva (Divine) attributes and is an earth sign. The purpose of this star sign is Moksha
  • Since it is a soft and gentle constellation, people under this star can choose light-hearted activities like exploring nature, festivities, travel & sightseeing, social activities, public relations, artistic work and healing practices
  • Mrigashira is a guide or a leading force as implicated by its other name. Those under this sign exhibit the tendency of search and quest. They initiate life with the intention of achieving their desire at any cost

Positive Characteristics

Charecteristics Mrigashira
  • With the Huntsman’s head, to seek is their primary characteristic. They have an innate thirst for knowledge and research. They have a quest to investigate and explore. Highly intelligent and have a good grasping capacity
  • These people have a great sense of humour and satire which makes them adept at putting people at ease.  They are sincere and have a good and just a sense of judgment. They listen to both sides of the story.
  • Tenacity and determination go hand in hand for this star. They pursue most of their ambition with a single-minded determination. Their creativity is always desirous of all things beautiful and perfect

Negative Characteristics

  • Their overzealous nature sometimes leads to their downfall, when they pursue without foresight about the consequences
  • The flight of the deer is synonymous with characteristics of duplicity, restlessness, nervousness and nomadic tendencies leading to a lack of peace of mind
  • These people have false courage and are spontaneous risk takers. This aspect lets them down professionally and financially.
  • They are inept at managing money and hence do not retain accumulated wealth.

Typical Career Paths

  • The constant thirst to search and investigate makes them excellent researchers, academia’s, investigators and explorers
  • Their love for nature brings out their creativeness, and they excel in the field of poetry advertising, music and dance
  • They make excellent war strategist. Their combination of strength and determination makes them excellent leaders
  • They possess good administration skills and are eager to observe and learn.  They make good public speaker sand communicators.

Personality Characteristics

  • They have a gentle, peaceful fine body structure like the deer. The most prominent feature is their radiant face and doe-like eyes. They are very charming and dynamic, with a strong body and moderate complexion
  • Their gregarious nature allows them to have a large number of acquaintances but few good friends. Mageeram have strong social connections and like to have a good reputation in their social circles
  • They are very attached to their family and generally misunderstood, and their feelings are not reciprocated.
  • Gentle, tender and peaceful, sensual and romantic, with motherly instincts bordering on self-sacrifice
  • Due to their fickle nature, they are sensitive and fragile and tend to get easily excited.
  • Their childhood ailment will plague them. They also suffer from digestive problems and shoulder injuries.
  • They tend to get addicted to vices and immoral activities due to a strong craving for sensory attachments
Mrigashira Nakshatra