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Harsha Yoga

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Harsha Yoga

Harsha yoga is another significant Raj yoga identified when the 6th house lord is in the 6th house itself, this static positioning of the house and the lord leads to the existence of this yoga in a person’s life.

Harsha Yoga
Harsha Yoga

The sixth lord, as seen in other mythological interpretations as well like that of 666 representing Stan- the 6th house in Vedic astrology stands for all sorts of evil things like diseases, enemies, debt money etc and thus the Harsha yoga, which put the 6th lord in guard of all the evils that the 6th house stands for makes it an auspicious time in one’s life.
An example would be the return of the house lord Saturn in the Aquarius house. The result of such a formation would be the good riddance of diseases, good care of health, no harm from physically present enemies, the clearance of all sorts of financial troubles- all of this leading to the person becoming more optimistic of life and thus more hard working.

One weakness that all experts are weary of, something that is so common and thus makes the possibility of such a positive Raj yoga quite difficult is the conjoining of any other benefice planet with Saturn in the 6th house. This would lead the reduction in the good affects of this yoga.

Harsha yoga is one of the three types of the legendary, Vipreet Raj yogas. The peculiarity of such yoga is that for the yoga to be successful in a horoscope, two additional conditions should also meet and at only the above mentioned prevalent condition.


People are thus often weary of this yoga because of the huge negative implications that come with provided that these conditions are not fulfilled. It is also believed that anyone under the influence of the Raj yoga Harsha yoga is also likely to earn a lot of money through inheritance. This rashi then overturns the negative consequences of the loss of a relative or family member by indicating the positive monetary advantages of the same. A good and strong Harsha yoga is thus beneficial for all.

Celebrity Profile

Sachin Tendulkar is a prominent person who is believed to have this Vipreet Raj yoga. Through his experiences it is understood that under certain circumstances, these planets reacted to these supposedly evil houses like that of Saturn can through the influence of placement, aspect and conjunction lead to heavily likable and favourable results. Even sage Kalidasa prophesised that persons under this yoga will demand wealth and if these people have planets not in connection with other planets, then there is no stopping him from becoming a king and a commander of wealth, which is precisely what happened to the horoscope of the world famous Sachin Tendulkar.