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Choosing Birthstones by Rashi – The Basics

Choosing Birthstones by Rashi

Most of us wear a finger ring or some other type of jewellery. So, why not make that piece of jewellery work for our benefit? Find your birthstone by Rashi and wear it in your ring or necklace, and experience the positive changes in your life .

Rashi Ratnas or Birthstones by Rashi

Both Western and Eastern systems of astrology advice wearing gemstones according to your birth sign.

Birthstones history

In Western countries, there are twelve precious gemstones. Their use and significance can be traced back to the time of Moses. The Bible says Aaron, the brother of Moses, wore four rows of gemstones, three in each, to signify the twelve tribes of Israel. Christianity associates each of the Twelve Apostles with a specific gemstone.

In India, since ancient times, nine gemstones or navratnas were recognized as the foremost precious stones. In Vedic Astrology, the Navratnas are associated with the nine planets, the navagrahas.

Birthstones according to Indian astrology

Western Birthstones by Rashi
The twelve precious birthstones according to Western astrology.

In Vedic astrology, planets and birth stars gain extreme importance. You cannot just check which birthstone matches your zodiac sign and wear it. In some cases, an astrologer might also advise you to wear a different gemstone, based on your natal chart.

So, in the Indian system, it is always best to consult an astrologer before you choose the birthstone by rashi.

The Significance Of Each Birthstone By Rashi

In the Vedic system, nine gemstones, called Navaratnas, are the ideal stones to be worn. Each gemstone corresponds to one of the nine planets or Navagrahas. While there are 12 Rashis or Lagnas, there are only nine gemstones. So how do you match your Rashi and the gemstone?

A specific planet rules each rashi. So, generally, the ruling planet determines the Rashi Ratna. Further, rashis are matched with only the seven physical planets or grahas. So more than one rashi may match with the same birthstone.

The Rashi gemstones are also divided into hot and cold ratnas. While Ruby, Red Coral, Diamond, Emerald, and Cat’s Eye are hot stones, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Pearl, and Gomed are cold stones. Your gemstone guide or astrologer will advise you which is the best birthstone for you.

Mars Rules Mesha (Aries) and Vrischika (Scorpio)

Mars, or Mangal, is the red planet. He is a fierce person, a warrior. So, he is matched with a red-coloured stone, the coral. Wear it on your ring finger, called as Anamika, on a Tuesday.

Shukra or Venus Rules Vrishab (Taurus) and Tula (Libra)

Shukra stands for courage, spirituality, love, prosperity, and morality, represented by the clear and sparkling diamond. So, wear this precious stone on your middle finger, called as Madhyama, on a Friday.

The Navratnas under the Birthstones by Rashi in East
The Navratnas or the nine precious gems as per Eastern astrology.

Budha or Mercury Rules Both Mithun (Gemini) and Kanya (Virgo)

Budh influences the intellect and relationships. The ideal birthstone by Rashi for these lagnas is emerald. So, you should wear this gemstone on your little finger, or the Kanistha, on a Wednesday.

Kataka Rashi or cancer sign is ruled by the Moon or Chandra

The stone related to Chandra is pearl. Pearl is white- it symbolises clarity, purity, calmness and nurturing tendencies. These are the attributes of Chandra, who also represents the mother. So, wear this stone on Monday, on your Kanishtha or the little finger.

Surya or the Sun is the Ruler of Simha Rashi or Leo

The gemstone for the sun is Ruby. The fiery ruby signifies power, command, courage and also a kind heart. These are also the attributes of the sun. Wear it on a Sunday on your ring finger, called as Anamika.

Brihaspati (Jupiter) Rules Dhanu (Sagittarius) and Meena (Pisces)

As the Guru, he imparts knowledge and wisdom. The yellow sapphire symbolizes him. You should wear this as the birthstone by Rashi on your index finger (Tarjani), on Thursday.

Makara (Aquarius) Rashi’s ruler is Saturn

Shani can bless you as well as harm you. Likewise, his corresponding stone, the blue sapphire, should also be handled with care. Consult an astrologer, since it may not suit everyone who is born under the Makara Rashi. You should wear it on a Saturday on your middle finger (Madhyama)

The Chaya Graha Gemstones

Now there are two more gemstones in the Navaratna – Gomedhikam or Hessonite, and Vaidurya or the Cat’s Eye. Astrologers may advise you to wear these on specific periods.

  • For Rahu

You should wear Gomed stone set in silver, on the middle finger (Madhyama) of your right hand. This helps reduce the effects of malefic Rahu or Rahu Dasha.

  • For Ketu

The lovely cat’s eye (Lehsunia or Vaidurya) is the stone that stands for Ketu. To mitigate the effects of malefic Ketu, wear this stone in a silver ring on the middle finger (Madhyama) of the right hand.

Coral for Mars as a part of the Birthstones by Rashi
A necklace with coral beads which is the lucky birthstone for Mangal or Mars.

The corresponding Western name is given for each Rashi. However, the months may differ as the Indian astrological system is different. Consult an expert in Hindu astrology before deciding.

The Proper Way of Purifying and Wearing the Appropriate Gemstones

Now you have a general idea of which stones are ideal for which Rashis and on which finger to wear them. However, you cannot just buy a stone, set it in a ring, and wear it right away. There are also certain purification rituals that you have to perform, in order to derive the maximum benefits from wearing birthstones by Rashi.

Each of the gemstones are appropriately matched with the attributes of the planet that rules each Rashi. Thus, the fiery ruby matches with the sun, the soft and cool pearl with the moon, the red coral with the red planet Mars and so on.

The Rituals for the Birthstone

What you need to do before wearing a gemstone:

First, learn the mantra for the ruling planet of your Rashi. Then you have to start the process of purifying the gemstone. For all the stones, you have to immerse the ring or pendant on which you have set it in a container of water or any other prescribed liquid.

How To Immerse The Birthstone

  • Ideally, you have to use a container made of glass or ceramic and avoid metal containers.
  • You can use a small ceramic cup, which is of the right size to hold your ring or pendant.
  • Now mix pure water (preferably Gangajal), cow’s milk, and honey.
  • Pour a sufficient quantity of this mixture into the glass or ceramic container, in order to fully immerse your ring or pendant.
  • Place your ring or pendant in the container.
  • Let it remain immersed overnight.
  • These liquids are very pure in nature. So, they can cleanse the gems of any negative effects.

After Immersion

  • The next morning, wake up well before sunrise, take a bath and prepare for a pooja.
  • Place a mat on the floor, sit down on it, facing the East.
  • Place a glass of water, a bowl, a clean handkerchief, and the cup with the ring or pendant in front of you.
  • As the sun rises, start chanting the appropriate Mantra you’ve learnt.
  • Chant the mantra 108 times, with devotion and concentration.
  • After doing the japa, take the ring out of the container.
  • Clean it in the glass of water, wash it in the bowl that’s in front of you.
  • Dry it with the handkerchief.
  • You can now wear the ring or pendant.
  • Remember to do this at the right time
  • Immerse the gem in the liquid on the day before the right auspicious day for wearing it. For instance, immerse the ring on Saturday, if you are wearing a ruby ring which you have to wear on a Sunday.
  • Chant the Mantra on a Sunday to purify the ruby before wearing it.
Pearl for Moon as a part of the Birthstones by Rashi
The white pearl represents Chandra or the moon.

The Effects of Wearing Birthstones by Rashi

The navratnas have a close connection with the navagrahas or the nine planets they symbolize. Wearing them can offset negative influences of the relevant planet for your rashi. It can also enhance the positive effect of that planet.

Besides their ability to influence your life, they also have the ability to control the functions of various parts of your body. Additionally, the vibrations of the gemstones, the resonance of the planet, the chemical composition of the stones, and the finger on which you wear it all work  together to give you many beneficial effects.

  • Ruby, diamond, and red coral, which you wear on your ring finger, focus on the functioning of your heart, respiratory system, blood, stomach,and also the kidneys.
  • Emerald and pearl  (worn on the little finger) influence the health of your reproductive system, genitals, your legs, and feet.
  • Hessonite (Gomedh), blue Sapphire and cat’s eye, which you wear on your middle finger can have a positive effect on your liver, intestines and also the brain.
  • Yellow sapphire can also have positive effects on your digestive system and respiratory system.

In conclusion

This birthstones guide must have given you a good overview of Rashi Ratnas and what to wear based on your Lagna. Wearing birthstones by Rashi can also give you good effects. However, choosing the wrong stone can make the situation worse. The current planetary positions in your natal chart, your star, and other factors might also affect your decision about which stone you should wear. So, always consult an astrologer before you select your birthstone.