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How Do I Study My Chart For Relationships?

Your Vedic birth chart is a treasure trove of information on all aspects of life. It can tell you how lucky you are in relationships, love affairs and marriage. It can even tell you when these relationship milestones are likely to occur. If you are curious to know more about your actual relationship worthiness as opposed to your online profile read on.

How Lucky Will You Be In Love?

Some people seem to fall in out of love at the drop of a hat. They do not try very hard and are not scarred by breakups. Others long for a love that is always out of reach. The lucky few fall in love and then marry their love interest without problems. You can identify all these relationship patterns and more in a birth chart.

When You Wonder About Your Relationships And Love - Look At Your Birth Chart For Answers
When You Wonder About Your Relationships And Love – Look At Your Birth Chart For Answers

5th House Of Love

When you fall in love, you see the world through rose-tinted glasses. But whether the relationship will last or not is anybody’s guess. Is it any wonder then that the 5th house of love and affairs is also the house of speculation? Yes, you can judge if you will be lucky in love by studying the 5th house carefully.

The 5th house should be strong and without any affliction to make love affairs successful. Any malefic influence on this house or its lord will put hurdles in matters of the heart. Worse, if the 5th lord is placed in the 6th, 8th or the 12th houses there is a high probability of a sad end to love affairs. 

Other Houses

The 7th house tells us about how we behave in partnership and marriage. It also gives information about how a person interacts sexually and about their desires. (For more information on studying relationships through the 7th house, read this post.)  The 8th house tells us about unconventional and sudden behaviours. The 11th house is the house of fulfilment of desires. So overall, one must check the 5th, 7th, 8th and 11th houses for love affairs. The 12th house is the house of bed pleasures and can be studied for sexual relationships. 

If the 1st, 5th and 9th houses are all strong and without malefic influences, the person will have a very strong sense of Dharma. When there is a tendency to follow the rules of society, the desire for love affairs will be more controlled. 


Venus is the significator of love, romance and affairs of the heart. When Venus is placed well and unafflicted in the chart, the path of love is smooth. Afflicted Venus hurts relationships. Moon, Mercury and Venus are the soft and romantic planets if unafflicted. When they are not the lords of the 6th, 8th or 12th and are placed in the 5th house they bring all their softness and sweetness to love affairs. 

The Moon is very emotional but fluctuates a lot and might come across as moody. Mercury is full of life and brings a lot of emphasis on communication. However, Mercury does not make the most reliable of lovers. Mercury has a fluid nature that can make a person fickle in relationships. This influence, when paired with a Rashi that is Dual (Mithuna, Kanya, Dhanus or Meena), can bring multiplicity into relationships. 

When the Moon and Venus are together or aspect each other they create a great deal of emotion and sentiment in relationships. They make one an idealistic poetic lover in relationships. When they are in the 4th or the 5th house this is assured. This person is as much in love with the idea of love as with the partner. 

Mercury Brings Fun Into Love Affairs
Mercury Brings Fun Into Love Affairs


In a woman’s chart, Jupiter is also the significator of the spouse. If Jupiter is blemished and badly placed in the chart this could cause relationship problems. But when there are indications of an affair in the chart and strong Jupiter aspects the planets or houses involved, there is a beneficial effect. Jupiter adds the blessing of propriety and social sanction to the relationship. Love affairs that turn into arranged marriages with the blessings of everybody concerned are the gift of Jupiter. 


Rahu and Ketu can bring a touch of unconventionality into the area of relationships. The partner may be in some way out of the ordinary, from a different place, different culture or even a foreigner. Rahu in the 5th or affecting the 5th lord or Venus can bring too much of a desire for relationships. The effect of the nodes on Mars can make a passion for relationships higher. Rahu can bring a greater emphasis on the sexual side of a relationship to the detriment of other factors. 

Rahu is also the indicator of scandal. When Rahu is involved in relationships there will always be an element of defying the norms of society or in someway breaking or bending the rules. A benefic aspect of a planet like Jupiter will control this. 

Rahu is insatiable and deceptive. When Rahu is involved with the relationship significations there is a quality of too much hunger. Rahu gets obsessed with the thing or person it craves. But when Rahu finally gets the person, there is no feeling of satisfaction. Rahu’s insatiable hunger is never satisfied and can cause an endless cycle of serial monogamy. Rahu creates illusion. Rahu can make the person imagine the situation or person to be something other than reality. When reality sets in, the relationship goes sour. Jupiter’s aspect on Rahu can control the negative aspects. 

Cultural Background

Indications in a chart must always be judged with the person’s cultural background in mind. When the person lives in a traditional society where arranged marriages are common, a love affair would be out of the ordinary. In societies where dating and love marriages are accepted, an unconventional affair would be proportionally more out of the way. An astrologer must use his judgement while interpreting the chart.


Rahu and Ketu are two halves of a whole. They are very similar but also the opposite. Ketu gives a person a great desire for relationships. But Ketu harms them in the opposite way that Rahu does. Ketu is disconnection and will suddenly cut the desire for the relationship. What was once so desired will suddenly become meaningless and disposable. Ketu makes a person bored and they move on leaving their partner in shock. This is a pattern that is likely to keep repeating and ending in self-sabotage. 

When Ketu and Venus influence each other there is an air of secrecy to the relationship. The relationship will be undercover with nobody being any wiser. Ketu offsets the materialism of Venus. 

Placement of Mars in the chart gives an indication of aggression of the spouse and the sex life. Mars is an interesting planet from a women’s perspective and they look at aggression, physique and stamina to begin with but then graduate to Jupiter as that indicates if the spouse will take care of the partner and give her a baby.

Ketu Disconnects Abruptly
Ketu Disconnects Abruptly


Sometimes the actual clue to relationships is found in the Navamsa or the D-9 divisional chart. The association of the planets may be only in the Navamsa and not in the Rashi chart. The Navamsa becomes even more significant when one gets married. Saturn and Venus together in the Navamsa indicate more than one relationship. When this is in the 6th or 12th in the birth chart or Navamsa it is a very strong indication.  If Venus is in a sign of Mars or vice versa there will be many relationships. 

Timing Relationships – Why Do They End

The birth chart can show many relationship indications. The results will only fructify when the person is under a time period/Mahadasha that is linked to the planets causing the event. The most common Mahadashas that cause affairs are Venus and Rahu. Mercury Dasha can also do the same occasionally. Sometimes, when a relationship is triggered by a particular Mahadasha, the ending of the Dasha can abruptly end the relationship too. This is especially true of the next Mahadasha being that of the 6th or 8th house lords or their occupants. 

When any of the 6th, 8th or 12th houses are involved with the planets that are causing the affair, they come to a sad end. 

Real Love

Venus is the materialistic planet while Rahu is an obsession. Mars is passion. Rahu, Venus or Mars influencing each other are more likely to give a relationship based on looks, lust or materialism. At best it is a love affair of the heart, full of desire and passion. Jupiter, however, is wisdom and good judgement. Jupiter brings spirituality to the union. When Jupiter is involved the love is more than a superficial love and tends towards true love. Venus gives a love that is based on giving and taking while Jupiter gives unconditional love. 

Jupiter Elevates Love To A Higher Level
Jupiter Elevates Love To A Higher Level

Love Leading To Marriage

For a love affair to lead to marriage there has to be a connection between the 5th and the 7th houses. This can be in the Rashi chart or the Navamsa chart. The benefic influence of Jupiter on positions that cause an affair can also turn the relationship into marriage. In societies where there is no arranged marriage, it can be read as a marriage that is ‘settling’ for what is expected by society. A love affair leading to marriage in this context would mean that the person would go away from the path that is expected of them and make an unconventional choice of spouse. 

Love Ending In Marriage?
Love Ending In Marriage?