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The Role of The Planets in Relationships and Love

A horoscope is the map of the position of the planets in the sky at the time of a person’s birth. It tells us all about the different facets of a person’s life. Love and relationships are a very important part of life and naturally we can find much information about it in a horoscope. A study of the horoscope can show the indications of the person’s relationships and if they will sustain.

A Horoscope Can Tell You About Your Love Life
A Horoscope Can Tell You About Your Love Life

The Planets That Govern Relationships

The planets that govern relationships are Jupiter, Venus, Moon. The planets associated with the fifth house, lord of the fifth house, lord of the eleventh house, planets associated with the eleventh house, seventh house lord and planets associated with the seventh house also matter. When there is any connection between the first, fifth and eleventh houses as well as Venus there will be love relationships. Jupiter or any other benefic make the relationship grow and last long. Any connection with the sixth, eighth or twelfth houses or malefics will cut the relationship short.


Jupiter makes a love relationship last when involved with any of the relationship houses. It is the planet that governs pure love that is unconditional. When Jupiter is not involved, one has relationships that are more materialistic than unconditional love.

Jupiter-  True Love
Jupiter- True Love


Venus is the planet that rules love, relationships and romance. We study Venus and the other planets that are associated with it to get a good idea of a person’s love life. If Venus is in the first, fifth, seventh, eighth, tenth or the eleventh house one will have a tendency towards love affairs. Venus associated with either Mars or Rahu makes a person rather passionate, obsessive, impractical and stubborn in marrying the person they love regardless of the opinions or practices of society. Rahu creates a deep desire for relationships while Mars makes one passionate about them. An exchange of signs between Mars and Venus in the birth chart or the Navamsa indicates multiple relationships.

A combust or debilitated Venus might create difficult relationship situations. The person does fall in love and crave relationships but they don’t usually work out. Or, they might be attracted to someone but it does not ever become a relationship. If the affliction is by malefics or with some interaction with the 6th, 8th or 12th houses the relationships that the person does get into will not last long. If the affliction is by the Sun, the person’s ego or pride causes difficulties and the end of the relationship.

Venus Is The Planet That Rules Love, Relationships And Romance

Venus Is The Planet That Rules Love, Relationships And Romance


The Moon signifies the mind of a person. Naturally, when the mind inclines towards matters of the heart there is an inclination towards romance in life. The condition and position of the moon tell us about the person thoughts. A moon influenced by Mars or Venus will show that one has got romance on the mind. A moon in the fifth, seventh or twelfth also indicates that one would give more thought to relationships.

Fifth House

The fifth house is the house of love and romance. The fifth house is also the house that affects the judgement of a person. So, if the fifth house is strong and has good aspects it will give the person good judgement in relationships. However, any malefic aspect, especially by Saturn or Mars, will impair the decision-making ability.

The Fifth House Is The House Of Love And Romance

The Fifth House Is The House Of Love And Romance

Eleventh House

The eleventh house is the house of fulfilment of desire. So, this house is very important to study the chances of a fulfiling love relationship.

Seventh House

The seventh house is the house that one immediately thinks about when one considers relationships. However, it is the house of legal partnership aka marriage. Relationships and love affairs do not always translate into marriages and this is where the seventh house plays a role. If there is a connection between the 5th and the 7th houses there is a chance of a relationship becoming a marriage. When the same association is not present at all in the Navamsa chart, this may not fructify. The same thing happens if the seventh house in under malefic influences.

Rahu And Ketu In Relationships

Rahu makes one literally insatiable. So, one would either get into relationships with a lustful motive or if there is a connection with the 7th house. One would be married and then still be unsatisfied.

Rahu And Ketu Break Hearts
Rahu And Ketu Break Hearts

Ketu’s influence on relationships is strange. When there is a connection between Ketu and Venus or any of the relationship houses especially the 7th or 12th there will be a tendency to secret relationships. But Ketu’s influence on Venus or any of the relationship houses will cut them short.