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Baby Vedic Name-Hardik


Vedic philosophy and thereby Vedic astrology picks up a lot of aspects from the daily life – be it the inspiration from Mother Nature, human emotions or the belief in God – there is some inspiration everywhere. It is this belief and value system that inspires a lot of names being chosen for a child in a Hindu household. It is common to name a child based on an emotion like Khushi or Hardik.

Literal Meaning / Legend Associated

The literal meaning of the word “Hardik” is heartfelt. It signifies the heartfelt emotions of the parents like happiness and love for their child.

Characteristics of the name

The individuals with the name Hardik are known to be introverts and are happy to be so. They do not discuss their feelings openly with everyone, but with only a chosen few. Their quest for perfection and infectious positivity are qualities for which they are loved and respected by everyone. Their keen sense of aesthetics is a big plus in their list of qualities.

Another very attractive feature of their personality is their complete transparency. The person named Hardik will never cheat their spouse or family. Whatever be on their mind, they will share it with the people they are most comfortable with. However, due to their introverted nature, they will not share their feelings easily, thereby making this quality even more endearing.

Also, they are extremely philanthropic in nature and like to keep themselves involved in activities that can help them give something back to the society. This caring attitude endears them all the more to the people who are lucky to be included in their inner circle.