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Baby Vedic Name-Madhavi


Madhavi is an alternate name of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. As we know, Lakshmi is the goddess of fortune, likewise a person with the name Madhavi is destined to rise and shine above the rest. She will be well- mannered and rarely behave unkind towards others. In order to win her way, she caters to every impulse yet cautiously. She can accurately judge people, which is a matter of pride to her. Some of her good traits include considerate, understanding, warm, friendly and easy going. 

In the contemporary age, the name Madhavi stands for Honey or a creeper laden with attractive flowers or springtime. 

Mentioned below are a few characteristics of Madhavi:

  • An expert while dealing with technical and mechanical matters.
  • While picking this name, parents should consider its combination with the last name. Mismatched combination can lead to unhappiness, delayed success, cause health issues in the fluid and elimination system of the body such as constipation, swelling of the legs and ankles or over weight.

A person named Madhavi appreciates details, precision and tends to make sure that things are always in order. She has a friendly, sensitive and practical nature with a personality to incline towards stability, security and a steady progress. Since there is an underlying lack of confidence, she relies heavily on encouragement and unconditional support from family and friends. 

It is most likely that a person with the name Madhavi will be attracted to professions like medical, social and paramedics; in connection with law and justice or a more secured profession such as a public servant. She may also be attracted to occupations related to land, flowers or animals that require attention to details.