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Arudha Lagna- All That Glitters Is Not Gold

The Arudha Lagna is a Jaimini astrology concept. It is a substitute Lagna that gives an alternate point of view of a horoscope. It is also Pada or Arudha Pada.

The word ‘Arudh’ means something that has risen. It is to be seated high on a chair or a horse so the person is clearly seen by all. So the Arudha Lagna is the image of the self that we project to the world at large. While the basic birth chart Lagna is the actual self, the Arudha is what others perceive.

Arudh Means To Be Seated High
Arudh Means To Be Seated High

How To Calculate Arudha Lagna (AL)

The Arudha of the Lagna is calculated by counting how many houses away from the Lagna the Lagnesh (Lord of Lagna) is. We then count the same number of houses from the Lagnesh. This house serves as the Arudha Lagna.

There are exceptions to this rule as well. If the Lagnesh is in the Lagna itself or 7th from Lagna, the AL is in the 10th house.  It is very easy to do this without an Arudha Lagna calculator.

Interpretation Of The Arudha Lagna

The Arudha of any house is the mirror or reflection of that house. One can even say that the Arudha of a house is the Maya or image of that house. Since the Lagna is the Self, the AL is actually the reflection of the Lagna or self. The Arudha Vs the actual Lagna is the astrological equivalent of not judging the book by the cover. 

Arudha Lagna: Unreal Reflections
Arudha Lagna: Unreal Reflections

How The Arudha Lagna Works

A person might exude an air of great confidence and aggression. But in real life when a challenging situation presents itself, the person might actually turn out to be very timid. Similarly, a person may have cultivated the image of being a very sincere and pious individual. And then suddenly there is a scandalous revelation that it was all merely a false image. We learn that that the person has led a life of much corruption.

Though the concept of having such differing real and perceived character is not unheard of, there is a reason in astrology as to why this happens. This illusion of a person’s character and self is a kind of Maya. The calculation and analysis of this Maya happen through the Arudha Lagna.

Arudha Lagna Describes The Mask Or Maya that Faces The World
Arudha Lagna Describes The Mask Or Maya that Faces The World

Millionaires, Billionaires And The Arudha Lagna

It is an interesting fact that the charts of those who are extraordinarily wealthy usually have many planets in the 11th house from the AL. There might also be good aspects to 11th or something significant about the 11th house from AL. At the same time, it is interesting to note that malefics in the 11th from AL usually indicate gains or wealth from highly questionable sources. This fact is also revealed to the world eventually. The source of the wealth is ascertained from the type of planet associated with the 11th from AL.

Arudha Lagna: All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Other Interesting Lagnas

There are many other interesting Lagnas that are used in astrology. The Hora Lagna covers a person’s wealth similar to the Sri as well as Lakshmi Lagnas. They are assessed for the finances and wealth of a person. The Ghati Lagna tells us how much authority the person will have.

So, the next time you get very impressed by someone, remember that all that glitters is not gold. One must not mistake the Arudha of the Lagna for the actual Lagna.