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Significance Of The Lagna And The Lagna Lord In Vedic Astrology

The Lagna And The Lagna Lord

The rising sign or Lagna is the degree of the Rashi and Nakshatra that is rising on the eastern horizon at the time of the native’s birth. The significance of Lagna is the focal point of the Vedic horoscope. We calculate the houses from the Lagna Rashi. The house that the Lagna occupies is the first house. We calculate the Lagna is based on the date and time of birth. The place of birth is vital as a change of longitude will change the Lagna.

The Lagna does a full cycle of all the 12 Rashis in a day which means that the Lagna is in each Rashi for only two hours. While the Moon sign or Chandra Rashi tells us about the mind of a native the Lagna Rashi and Nakshatra tell us about the ideals, intelligence, appearance and the person himself/herself. It shows how other people will view the native. Lagna also tells us about the vitality, character, longevity, power and dignity of the person. It also signifies the head and face areas and tells us about this area of the person’s body.

Lagna Chart North Indian Style
Lagna Chart North Indian Style

Strength Of The Lagna Lord

The Lord of the Rashi in which the Lagna is placed is called the Lagna lord or the Lagnesha. The strength and house position of the Lagna Lord in Vedic astrology is one of the key points in a person’s horoscope. The placement of the Lagnesha tells where the person’s focus will be. 


The Lagna in the very early or very late degrees of the Rashi makes it weak. Some astrologers consider this to be at lower than 3 degrees and 20 minutes or above 26 degrees and 40 minutes. When the Lagna is weak the mental and physical strength of the person suffers. This can be mitigated if there are other factors that strengthen the Lagna. The aspect of benefics and malefics upon the significance of Lagna influence it greatly. 


The text Sarvartha Chintamani states that if a house contains or is aspected by its own lord and benefics while no malefic aspect it gets strengthened. If its lord is placed in the 5th, 9th, 2nd, 4th, 7th or 10th house without the influence of malefic planets, it gets strengthened and yields good results of that house. The text also states that if the Lagnesha is very strong, without the aspect of any malefic on it and is placed in a Kendra with the aspect of benefic planets, it confers long life, virtues and wealth to the person. The Lagnesha casting an aspect on the Lagna is always desirable regardless of whether the Lagnesha is benefic or malefic.

The book also states that if the Lagnesha is not eclipsed the person becomes famous. If the Lagnesha is well placed the person is prosperous and happy. On the other hand, if the Lagnesha is placed in a Dusthana (6,8 or 12) house, in the house of a malefic, in debilitation or in an enemy sign the person will lead an unhappy miserable life and in a despicable place amidst outcast or vile people. If the Lagnesha lacks strength he will suffer constantly facing many calamities and remain sad and sick.

The significance of Lagna and the Lagnesha tell us how that person will fare in the world and how they will be viewed and treated by people in general. A strong Lagna and Lagnesha indicate a healthy, wealthy and successful life.

Lagna Chart South Indian Style
Lagna Chart South Indian Style

Aspects On Lagna

When the planet that is aspecting the Lagna is benefic to the significance of Lagna, the results are good and when it is malefic the opposite is true.  If there is more than one planet aspecting the result will be a combination judged by the astrologer. 

Sun: When the Sun aspects the Lagna the person will be valorous and hot-tempered. He or she will gain wealth from their parents and serve the King (government in modern times).

Moon: When the Moon aspects the Lagna the person will be fortunate, courteous, sympathetic, wealthy. 

Mars: The aspect of Mars makes the person hot-tempered, adventurous, injury-prone, righteous and earn from bravery. 

Mercury: Mercury’s aspect on the Lagna makes the person learned, intelligent and helps him/her earn by their intelligence. The person is famous and honourable.

Jupiter: When Jupiter aspects the Lagna it makes the person learned, religious, famous, helps him/her keep the company of virtuous people, and honoured by the King (government).

Venus: The aspect of Venus makes the person look youthful, good looking, wealthy and favoured by women.

Saturn: When Saturn aspects the Lagna the native is troubled by heavy odds and sickness. The person works hard but earns less. The person is dirty, unhappy, foolish and attached to elderly women.

Significations Of Lagna Lord Or Lagnesha Placement

Lagna Lord In The First House

The significance of Lagna in the first house or the Lagna itself is that the native will have high energy, vitality, good health and strong ideals. The Lagnesha in Lagna which is the house of intelligence makes them very intelligent. They hold firm to their principles and ideals. Lagna also represents the body of the person and hence the Lagnesha in Lagna Vedic astrology shows that the person will invest time, effort and money in beautifying and keeping their body fit.

Strength Vs Weakness
Strength Vs Weakness

Lagna Lord In The Second House

The  Lagnesha in the second house makes the person gainful scholarly, good-natured, happy, religious and honourable. Since the Lagnesha which the intelligence and ideals of the person are focussed on the second house which is the house of family, food and wealth the person will have a lot of interest and focus on these aspects of life. The second house is also the house of speech and resident of the Goddess Saraswati thus making the person scholarly and wise. The commitment to the family can also be extended to the whole community making the person honoured in society. 

Lagna Lord In The Third House

When the Lagnesh is in the third house the person is very courageous, has all kinds of material luxury, is honourable, intelligent and happy. The third house is the house of courage, younger siblings, sexual morals, valour and communication. So naturally, the Lagnesh being here would make the person very courageous. In practical application, this makes the person a risk-taker and natural leader. 

Lagna Lord In The Fourth House

When the Lagnesh is in the fourth house there will be a great attachment to the family especially the mother and interest in wealth, vehicles, property, education and spirituality. This makes a person receive a good education and be popular in society. This placement also forms a Raj Yoga and brings fulfilment of material desires. 

Lagna Lord In The Fifth House

The fifth house is one of the trines that is related to religion and it is very auspicious to have the Lagnesh in the fifth house. Significance of Lagna in fifth house shows an inclination toward religious matters. The person will be intelligent, famous and liked by the government. This position affects the health of the native in childhood but strengthens the father’s position in life. Since the fifth house is related to education this position shows that the person will have educational accomplishments. 

Lagna Lord In The Sixth House

The sixth house is the house of disease, enemies and competition. This position indicates childhood illnesses. If the Lagnesh is strong in this house it indicates a career related to disease and enemies which would be healthcare or the army. There is success in competitive activities such as sports and competitive exams. 

Lagna Lord In The Seventh House

The placement of the Lagnesh in the seventh house makes the person an extrovert, god at business and very interested in relationships/partnerships especially marriage related matters. 

Significance Of Lagna On Man's Life
Significance Of Lagna On Man’s Life

Lagna Lord In The Eighth House

The Lagnesh in the eighth house indicates a person who is a psychic, mystic, a good advisor and very interested in the occult. The person is miserly and tends to get involved in unethical relationships.

Lagna Lord In The Ninth House

The ninth house is a trine house and the Lagnesh in this house is a good placement. It makes the person a good orator, interested in travel, religious, fortunate, wealthy, with higher education and having good children. The person would also receive good fortune from their father. 

Lagna Lord In The Tenth House

The Lagnesh in the tenth house makes a person very career-oriented resulting in professional success. The person is greatly influenced by the father. 

Lagna Lord In The Eleventh House

The Lagnesh in the eleventh house makes a person-oriented towards profit-making and gain and also gives good results of the same. The person would have a large network circle of friends and also be very inclined towards their elder siblings. 

Lagna Lord In The Twelfth House

The twelfth house placement of the Lagnesh gives an unhappy and lonely childhood probably far away from the place of birth. They will have much wasteful expenditure and be interested in lonely places, hospitals etc. The person would also show interest in matters related to travel, sex and lonely places.