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The Different Lagna Types and Their Significance

What Is Lagna?

A native’s horoscope is the snapshot of the sky at the time when they were born. It shows where each of the planets was placed at the moment of birth. The Lagna is the point in the horoscope which was rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth. There are also other different Lagnas that are calculated to study different aspects of the native’s life.

Due to the rotation of the Earth, this point is constantly changing and the Lagna occupies a Rashi or sign for about two hours before the sign changes. So, the Lagna traverses the entire 360 degrees of the zodiac in the span of 24 hours. The Lagna is thus very sensitive to the place of birth. Two people born at the exact time will have different Lagnas which is based on the place as well as the longitude of birth.

The placement of the Moon signifies the mind of the native while the Lagna defines the personality of the person. The Lagna shows how the world views us. The placement of the Lagna is very important as it shows the self. The ruler of the Rashi that the Lagna is placed in is the lord of the Lagna or the Lagnesha. The house that has the Lagna placed in it is the first house of the chart. We count the rest of the houses from the Lagna. The Lagna of each divisional chart might be different. Same Lagna of the birth chart and the Navamsa or D9 chart is Vargottama Lagna.

Lagnesha – Strength Of The Lagna And Lagnesha

North Indian Lagna Chart

The placement of the Lagnesha with reference to the Lagna is a very important point to consider in a horoscope. The Lagnesha will drain that house (Bhava) to feed the native. The Lagnesha is also studied to see if it is in good strength. The affliction of the Lagnesha or its weakness in any way can also lead to problems. The pattern of a person’s life is also seen from the Lagna. So, if the Lagna lord is in benefic yogas it is good. The degree of the Lagna is studied to see if it is in any Gandanta degrees. 

We study the nature and also the elements of the Lagna to know more about the person. We should check the strength of the Lagna and the Lagnesha in the divisional charts as well as the birth chart. It is only when they have strength in the relevant Varga chart that they can give the result that is indicated in the natal chart. The aspects of other planets on the Lagna also influence the strength of the Lagna. 

South Indian Lagna Chart

Significance Of Lagna Chart

The Lagna placement is what determines the house placements of the person. The house that has the Lagna is the first house. It is from the house placement system that we determine the functional benefics as well as the functional malefics for that chart. The Yogas in a chart can only be determined once we place the Lagna in the chart.

Lagna Degree And Lagna Nakshatra

The planets are in each Rashi at a certain degree. Each Rashi is 30 degrees wide. So the location of the planet with relation to the span of the Rashi is called the Avastha or state of that planet. The Lagna is also at a certain degree that has an Avastha. The Baladi Avasthas are the definitions of the five states that the planet can be in. We divide the entire 30 degrees of a Rashi into 5 sections of 6 degrees each. For odd signs the Avasthas are 

  • Bala Avastha or Child/Infant State = 0 to 6 degrees
  • Kumara Avastha or Young State  = 6 to 12 degrees
  • Yuva Avastha or Adult State = 12 to 18 degrees
  • Vriddha Avastha or Mature State = 18 to 24 degrees
  • Mrit Avastha or Old State  = 24 to 30 degrees

For even signs reverse the order.

The Lagna degree is an important measure of the strength of the Lagna. While the degree of the Lagna has no effect on the strength of the Lagna it is very important in judging the result of a Dasha. Though a planet may be in Mrit Avastha it might give a good result if it is near the Lagna degree. Any planet that is within 3 degrees on either side of the Lagna also gives full results during its Dasha.

Types Of Different Lagnas


The Chandra Lagna or Rashi Chart is the chart from the Moon. The Moon is the ascendant and the Rashi with the Moon placed in it becomes the first house. This chart is a very important chart. There is much debate and differences about the importance of different Lagnas. Both are equally important. The importance of Chandra Lagna Chart is equal to that of the Lagna Chart especially for Kundali matching and Gochar, or transit, predictions. 

Chandra Lagnas - Moon Signifies The Mind
Chandra Lagnas – Moon Signifies The Mind


We calculate the Hora Lagna chart by dividing the chart into two parts. There can only be one of two Rashis as the Lagna; Cancer as well as Leo. The first 15 degrees of male Rashis (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius & Aquarius) come under Leo. The next 15 degrees come under Cancer.

For female Rashis  (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn & Pisces) the first 15 degrees come under Cancer. The next 15 degrees come under Leo.

The Moon Hora person is virtuous, happy, peaceful, respected, dutiful, blessed with gems and jewels, noble, well dressed, respectful to friends, prosperous, has good spouse and children, chaste,  generous, self-respecting, respected by rulers and also generous to servants. The person in Sun’s Hora is thin, wicked and faces opposition from his own children, faces financial ups as well as downs in life.

We assign points to planets as per their position in Leo vs Cancer and then compare to asses the financial status of the person.

Ghati Lagna

Ghati Lagna is the position of the Sun at the moment of birth. Every 24 minutes the Ghati moves 30 degrees. The Ghatika Lagna shows power and authority and also fame.

Arudha Lagna

We calculate Arudha Lagna based on the position of the Lagnesh with relation to the Lagna. The Arudha Lagna is one of the different Lagnas and is important to understand the image of the person in the world. 

Karakamsa Lagna – Importance Of Karakamsa Lagna

In the Chara Karaka system of Jaimini astrology, the Atmakaraka is the planet with the highest degree and it shows the soul’s desire as well as purpose in this life. We see the placement of the Atmakaraka in the Navamsa chart also. The houses from the Atmakaraka are studied for different areas in life.

Sree Lagna

Maharishi Parashara discusses alternative Lagnas and one of them is the Sree Lagna. We calculate it based on the degrees of difference between the Moon and Lagna. Sree Lagna tells you where Lakshmi the Goddess of wealth is in your chart. It tells us how prosperous we are going to be based on the planets that are in the Bhava where it is placed and the owner of the Sree Lagna.

Lakshmi - Goddess Of Wealth - Sree Lagna
Lakshmi – Goddess Of Wealth – Sree Lagna

Planets that are conjunct with the Sree Lagna will give wealth. The placement of the Lord of the Sree Lagna tells us the wealth status that the person will be in. If it is in its own sign upper-class status is assured. In a friend’s sign, middle-class status and in an enemy sign it will be challenging. Malefics that are conjunct this will give obstructions to comfort in life. All these factors suggest what challenges we face in obtaining wealth and comfort and what we have to work on to release wealth. 

Varnada Lagna

This Lagna tells us about the objective of living. There are 3 types of creations by Lord Brahma; Deva, Manusya and Raksasa. Brahma has given us three objectives of living called ‘Da’. 

Dama – To observe self-control, unlike the Devas who enjoy promiscuously

Dana – To one should give, unlike Manusya who are greedy

Daya – To be merciful, unlike the rakshasa who are ruthless. 

The Varnada Lagna tells us the class, through which we can fulfil, or neglect, these objectives given by Brahma. We calculate it based on the Lagna as well as the Hora Lagna

Indu Lagna Or Wealth Lagna

The Indu Lagna or wealth ascendant is based on the cumulative position of the ninth house from Ascendant and the Moon. We see the position of the planets from the birth chart and also the Indu Lagna to know more about the person’s finances.

First, second, fourth, seventh, tenth and eleventh house planets from the Indu Lagna are the givers of wealth. Planets aspecting this are also givers of wealth. Either debilitated or weak, they destroy wealth. We see the results of these observations during the Dasha or Antardasha of the planets as per their strength as well as their disposition.

Pranapada Lagna

We calculate Pranapada Lagna from the position of the Sun at the time of sunrise in your birth chart. It tells us about the native’s physical appearance, disposition, longevity, attachment to people as well as the energy level.

Sun's Position At The Time Of Birth Tells Us Pranapada Lagnas, One of Different Lagnas
Sun’s Position At The Time Of Birth Tells Us Pranapada Lagnas, One of Different Lagnas