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The  Western and Hindu astrological studies are derived from studies of astronomy and effects on humans, their personalities, features, past, present and future. The Western astrology has been inspired by Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos of the 2nd century.

Today, Western astrology or the sun sign astrology, or predictive astrology, is focused on the solar movements and positions and the constellations.

Hindu astrology, also known as Jyotisha or Jyotishya, is derived from ancient Vedic study of the lunar position, the stars, the solar ascent and several parameters determining the human nature.  

The term Nakshatra is one of the most applied theories studied in the Hindu astrology. The Indian astronomy and astrology are based on the lunar mansion or the lunar orbit path, otherwise known as the Nakshatra.

Among the 27 Nakshatra, including the zodiac signs, is the storm god nakshatra or the Ardra.

Ardra Nakshatra

The sixth Nakshatra, of the Gemini constellation, is the Ardra or the moist one or the green or the storm god. Associated with Betelgeuse star, the Ardra extends from 6 degrees to 20 degrees of the Mithuna or Gemini constellation.

The symbol of Ardra is the teardrop, and the ruling planet is Rahu. The Ardra is completely Gemini related Nakshatra, a mix of Rahu and Mercury. The people with this sign in their births are violent on one spectrum and rather passionate on the other.

The characteristic feature of this sign is often a dark desire for materialism. The meaning of the word Ardra is wet. The animal totem is a dog.

Positive Characteristics

Positive features of Ardra people- they are largely curious in mind, highly intelligent, honest, and quick in thinking and action, communicative, hardworking, compassionate and passionate. They tend to give up negative habits and features as they mature. They love to work hard and are close to their families as well.

When facing failures, Ardra people utilise their intelligence and resource collection power to overcome with some calmness. They do believe in creating good, as they are cool and dynamic at their core. They generally shine in their family lives, personal lives, professional lives and so on.

Negative Characteristics

Negative features- Ardra people are said to be arrogant, abusive of power, greedy for materialistic pleasures, quite stubborn, highly reckless and violent in temper and nature, often anti-social, overly critical, mean, selfish and almost sadistic.

Given the violent streak in their nature, many end up committing crimes and indulging in illegal actions. Professionally and personally, the people born under Ardra bring about disturbances if they feel challenged and upset.

They often end up being overly sensitive to complex situations. Other negative traits are claimed to be their impoliteness, their sudden mood swings, their lack of diplomacy when facing confrontation, their negative ways of handling situations and people.

Typical Career Paths


Ardra people love constant change and hence prefer dynamic and challenging careers where simple, yet materialistic gains can be made.

They have a huge potential of taking upon important challenges where they can creatively and artfully outshine others.

Ardra natives are sensitive about failures and try to bring perfection and excellence to their work. They are fond of showing their superiority as well in all their activities, hobbies, passions and habits.

Careers for Ardra people include computer technology, engineering, electronic technology, electricity-related work, photography, graphics, animation, chemistry related careers, biochemistry assignments, the pharmaceutical industry, psychology-related careers, investigation, research, analysis, sales, light-related work and so forth. Ardra people favour work involving discarding, destroying, creating, increasing and confronting activities.  

Ardra people by nature being of a volatile nature, they prefer to both create and destroy. Jobs involving sedentary lifestyle bore them. Careers involving no changes in the system make them leave. Because of their excellence in doing whatever they can, they quickly manage to get jobs they want to pursue.

Business and entrepreneurship and public relations and marketing often end up as excellent career choices for Ardra people because of new challenges, new projects and new experiences.

Personality Characteristics

Ardra Nakshatra
Ardra Nakshatra

Personally, people born under Ardra are generally good looking but not without health issues.

The personality generally comprises elements of humour, intuition, perception, abilities to communicate and attract attention.

While friendly and cordial, Ardra people are also known to show characteristics of being dismissive, ungrateful and unwelcoming.

 During hardships, Ardra people try to maintain a cool temperament. Many people are selfless workers as well. They are extremely intelligent, and they are known for their intuitive perception.

Ardra people are turbulent, emotional as well as quiet, secretive. On the one hand they can be charming but on the other hand, can end up destroying communication and relationships.

They constantly move on and refuse to live in the past and are easy to be noticed in social gatherings because they love being chaotic.

Love constant changes because of new challenges that help them test themselves beyond their limits. The Gemini personality helps Ardra people to overcome hurdles, to rise from failures and to pick up new skills and activities. Hence they constantly almost change their jobs.