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Saparijata Yoga – The Power of Will And Determination

Planetary Motion

Saparijata yoga is a type of raja yoga. Definitely an auspicious yoga. Therefore, it not only places you in exalted levels but also gives a determination to the personality. Certain attributes are unique to this yoga. For instance, when you have saparijata yoga, you are attracted to war, imbibe strong will, have immense wealth, and are maybe respected by other leaders as well! However, the yoga happens in a horoscope under particular planetary placements only. Let’s go deeper into this yoga and know about its specialities.

How special is saparijata yoga? In Hindu astrology, it is highly regarded. This yoga has the ability to create powerful people. To explain further, Gautama Buddha is believed to have this yoga. He was strong-willed, enough to transform the Vedic concepts of Triune – unity into Nirvana. In contrast, Adolf Hitler had this yoga too! A formidable personality. Powerful and strong-willed who rocked the world. So, what’s the difference between these two personalities with such distinct goals and purpose in life? Although both had the saparijatha yoga, the positions of the ascendant planets and lagnas differed. Hence, they experienced varied effects.

this is an imae of Gautama buddha blessing his devotees
An image of Buddha blessing his devotees

What is Saparijata Yoga?

You may have Saparijata yoga if the ascendant lord is in a special combination or pattern. It sets when the lord of the sign where the ascendant positions, or where the lord of the house where the ascendant stands, are in the form of a triangle. That is, the yoga has its influence in our life when the planets of importance are positioned in a triangle form. The exalted effect of Sun, Moon, and Saturn are most important in deciding the positive or negative results of this yoga.

In Hindu astrology, we derive the term from the night-blooming fragrant flower parijata or jasmine. And, it is a Raja yoga based on the Planetary Dispositor Principle. In other words, it is the relationship between the second, fourth, and eleventh house lords. Typically, this yoga raises a person to a high rank.

The birth chart of Buddha
Natal chart of Gautama Buddha

In the case of Buddha, the saparijata yoga was clearly present. Thus, he had wealth and possessed horses and elephants. He followed family traditions and was generous. His attraction to warfare is well known in history. His royalty status is also a reality. This a classic example of saparijata yoga. However, the sanyasi or ascetic yoga was dominant in his birth chart. If four or more planets are in the tenth house, a person can become an ascetic just as in Buddha’s horoscope.

The Contrasting Result

Gautama Buddha had five planets in karma sthana which is the Rajya sthana. An incapacitated Saturn remained in the tenth house. Furthermore, Shani which is the lord of the seventh house, an important sign for family life, was with the moon. Therefore, he renounced family, pledged asceticism, and adorned saffron robes. Several rulers and millions of people adored him as the supreme lord. They followed his preaching and became his devotees. Thus emerged a large and powerful sect called Buddhism. The power of saparijata yoga is evident from the life of Gautama Buddha.

An image of the all powerful Adolf Hitler
An image of Adolf Hitler

The saparijata yoga was eminent in Hitler’s horoscope as well. Although he experienced it differently due to the other planetary effects. Contrary to Buddha, his birth chart had Saturn in mutual aspect with Mars, holding the tenth house. The placement gave him a powerful saparijata exaltation but also an equally disgraceful fall from position.

Do you have Saparijata Yoga? It is imported to note that this yoga experience will be the same for all. The influence and placements of the valuable signs contribute to the horoscope as in the case of Hitler. In fact, even common people can have saparijata yoga and feel its benefits to the full extent. You may actually enjoy its benefits. You may be in a good job, own houses, properties, and luxuries like cars. Although Buddha and Hitler had the same yoga, it doesn’t imply the same result for others. Its magnitude and direction may vary in connection to the other planets and lagnas. Therefore, even a regular software engineer, or any other professional, can have this yoga in a strong position.

Know Your Yoga

Many of us may have some kind of yoga in our horoscope. It is important to know and understand its merits and demerits. This knowledge of our chart can be an aspect of power. Additionally, it can direct us towards ethical goals in our life. Whether saparijata or otherwise, we can create a stable life for us with the knowledge of our horoscope.