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What are the Dangers of Astrology?

Astrology is seeing a great popularity surge. The weekly forecast columns are being supplemented by astrologers who are just an email or video call away. But, there are dangers to astrology as with any other field. One must try and keep these in mind when requesting an astrological reading.

False Sense Of Security

The greatest attraction that astrology holds is that it is a great source of comfort. It tells us when we have a bad time and what we can do to remedy it. It also tells us when we are experiencing a favourable time and how to make the most of it. We should not, however, use astrology to give ourselves a false sense of security. Whether we are performing remedies or not, we still have to use our judgement and good sense to face daily situations.

Good times are by no means a shield from the consequences of badly thought out decisions and actions. Too much reliance on astrology makes us disconnect from the realities of the situations around us. Astrology should be used as a map but it is our own actions and decisions that can get us where we want to go. Even astrologers acknowledge that free will has a great say despite planetary influences. 

My Chart Is Good - So I Can Fly
My Chart Is Good – So I Can Fly

Over Objectivity

When we start taking the point of view of a third person who is reading our chart, we start looking at ourselves objectively. While this is a good thing to help a person to think clearly and perhaps look inwards, it can be dangerous if it becomes a habit. One must accept oneself as a whole living person and not just as the sum of the different planets in a birth chart. Trying to align one’s self-image to what the birth chart says is a very tempting danger. 

Confused Self Identity
Confused Self Identity

Self Fulfiling Prophecy

When a negative situation has been predicted it weighs on a person’s mind so much that perhaps it ends up influencing the outcome anyway. Even if a negative prophecy does not come true, it takes away one’s peace of mind. Astrologers should avoid making such predictions merely for shock value. And if any issue is seen it should be conveyed in a diplomatic manner so as to help and not harm the client.

Using Astrology As A Crutch

It is very tempting to justify personality traits and plain bad behaviour using astrology. Having a difficult placement in a birth chart is indeed something to work on and overcome. It should not be used as a crutch or shield from issues that one should face head-on. One cannot use a birth chart to excuse behaviour such as unfaithfulness in relationships.

It Was Not Me - It Was My Chart
It Was Not Me – It Was My Chart


An astrology reading that tells us that a person has negative characteristics can impact the way we view that person. When one replaces the reality of a person with the astrological description of them, it could lead to suspicion and alienation. It can also encourage one to look at a person with rose coloured astrology glasses and ignore reality.


When times are bad, an astrology reading can give solace. On the contrary, it can make a person feel like they are bound to suffer and that there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it. This can lead to a sense of powerlessness and depression. It is in the hands of an astrologer to handle clients sensitively and to use astrology to better people’s lives instead of putting them into a vicious cycle of depression and over-reliance on astrology readings and remedies.

Powerlessness Can Be A Side Effect Of Astrology
Powerlessness Can Be A Side Effect Of Astrology

Astrologer’s Bias

Even if one has great faith in astrology, one must keep in mind that there are so many varied interpretations of the same chart and that it cannot be fully explored and applied in a reading. An astrologer is also a human and can make mistakes. An astrologer has his/her own cultural biases, moral code and preconceived notions. The astrologer views the world through his/her values and cultural background. This would translate into readings that are not applicable to the client’s life. The astrologer might also have a fear of a certain planet that might colour the readings given to a client.

Stop - Add A Pinch Of Salt
Stop – Add A Pinch Of Salt

Honesty Of The Astrologer

There are good and not so good astrologers. There are many who practice astrology with little knowledge of it merely as a means of generating money. Most people go to an astrologer only when they are facing a problem and are in a vulnerable state of mind. This makes it easy for unethical so-called astrologers to give them readings that cause the subject to get increasingly dependent on the astrologer. A person who is obsessed with readings and remedies will keep coming back for more. Unnecessary remedies that almost always cost a pretty penny are another way unethical astrologer’s make money.