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Baby Vedic Name -Harshit


The word Harshit is another form of the Sanskrit term ‘Harsha’ which means joy or happiness. The name can literally be translated into ‘the joyful one’ and it comes under the Mithun rashi with the moon as the ruling planet. In terms of numerology, the significant number for this name is 2. It is a male name that has shared by Hindus and Jains across India.

The name Harshit brings about the image of a self-sufficient person who is loving and joyful by his own nature. There is also a sense of inner confidence and capability that allows him to seek success in various forms. Their bold and inquisitive nature allows them to take up challenges in the fields of business and finance to achieve their goals. These goals generally include financial and emotional security.

A person named Harshit is usually a peace loving individual who seeks balance with the surroundings. He also needs to share his love and wealth with someone and this can lead him to a search for a right person. He also has an inherent shyness in his nature even though he is quite perceptive about others. Gifted with a lot of patience, he has the ability to nurture a relationship till it blossoms.

For any person named Harshit, health may not come with wealth and there is a chance of falling prey to diseases. Emotional entanglements can also lead to complications, thereby creating extreme mental anxiety. With their natural and easy way of handling problems, a person named Harshit can be a reliable companion or friend. As their name represents happiness, you can be sure that they will enjoy spreading it among their near and dear ones.