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Discover Yourself

When we delve into the entire motif of astrology, where there are three benefits, the prediction of the future, the understanding of human nature and journey into one’s self, everything is based upon a person’s belief. If you are ready to believe that the whims of the cosmos can have an impact on your life, then it shall have an impact on your life. 

In the grand scheme of things, your life is not just a mere speck. It is the mirror. As you already know up until this point, the cosmos reflects what we are. Finding out how our being is reflected and how the cosmos reacts is the very part of self-discovery. 

To be just and fair to the users that come to the website, we have used the login to create a doorway to discover yourself. Your place in this world can be easily found when you understand the very nature of what lies within you. There are many dimensions to self-discovery:

Who are you? Being able to answer the question “Who you are?” is the very core of Jnana Yoga. Your inner being is defined by two sets of karma and the environmental interference of the cosmos. Are you a leader? Are you a follower? Are you a philosopher? Are you a caregiver? Are you a taker? Are you a conqueror? There are many things you can be, and we are here to help you define them. This question of self-realisation is the most difficult and is asked in the most difficult paths of Yoga. You need to be intellectually strong to observe your self. We are all strong intellectually, and getting the answer is going to make you realise how much.

What are you? Consider the entire world as threads of multiple fates interwoven with each other. One wrong knot and its effects can be felt throughout the universe. Therefore, in your journey to self-discovery, another important aspect is finding out what you are. Knowing what you allow you to pursue the goals within your life with a renewed energy and vigour. The question “what you are” is tantamount to what you are supposed to do. The purpose of asking this question is not to put limitations on what you can and what you cannot do. But rather, it is to reveal your focus endeavour in life. It reveals where your spiritual, psychological and physiological energies should be directed for maximum effect. There is always of certainty when it comes to knowing what to pursue in life.

How to achieve? Once you have a slight idea about the answers of the two aforementioned questions, you need some ways to achieve them. Hard work and passion for your endeavours shall allow you to do so. As it should, because Jothishi relies as much on karma as on anything else. Along with your karma comes your spiritual alignment with the cosmos. Achieving your goals in life can be made more fruitful through moving in the direction that the cosmos has intended. One might think that it is a fallacy of freedom. However, your destiny is yours; you can either fulfil it or fail it.  

The above mentioned three dimensions of self-discovery is the crus of what is all about. Our motive is to light the path toward your destiny in the way you wish to perceive. To enable this to the clientele, we have taken a social media profile approach towards self-discovery. 

Through this approach, we give you the freedom to see as much as you wish to. There are three facets of our website that we provide:

  1. Analysis to show the users a pathway
  2. Content to cultivate a spiritual connection with the usersand 
  3. Positivity to let the users embrace their spirituality. 


When the customers first sign up to our website, their Karma is directing them towards self- discovery. They input their details, that would include their date of birth, their names, their place and their time of birth. After the summit, they enter their profile page. This profile page entails details about themselves that have been analysed after an insight into their registration details. It is the first part of the analysis. Much of the astrological information is given at that particular time, and it is given to them free. The free analysis is a comprehensive outline of the users lives towards their inner self.

The analysis gives them a taste into their spiritual being. It tells us the outline of what the cosmos has in store for them. However, much of the information is overwhelming. The overwhelm-ness can edge towards the point of being non-comprehensive. Therefore, we ensure that there is an option of free analysis. The free analysis is the primary analysis that is comprehensive enough to be understandable and gives you enough information to discover a bit about your self. The purpose of the free analysis is to provide the visitors of the website some form of a comprehensive understanding of Vedic astrology.  

This primary analysis appears to be merely skin deep. However, when it comes to Jothishi, no knowledge is merely skin deep. All the information is given in one sentence. It is up to you to perceive it. 

This brings us to the deeper part of the analysis, the detailed analysis. The users can think of the detailed analysis as a translated and in-depth analysis of facts that are already present. However, there is more. With detailed analysis, the perception of the users evolves, and they can look a lot deeper than before. It is a secondary form of analysis into one’s astrological data.

The free and detailed analysis form the primary product of our website. Through the primary analysis, you are going to have a sneak peek into yourself. However, as you move in deeper, you are going to have a more detailed understanding of your spiritual being. It is a more personalised path towards self-discovery. The users are going to analyse their karma, make discoveries about themselves, understanding what is in store for them move accordingly.

Much of analytical understanding depends upon the knowledge that the users can get. 

However, we understand that free analysis should be substantial enough to garner their attention. Therefore, we employ the entire pool of our Vedic techniques to provide them with the best results at all times.

This brings us to the path of contents — a path which is dedicated to creating, nourishing and cultivating a spiritual understanding with the users.