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Daridra Yoga in Astrology – The Clear Picture

An illutration of how powerful daridra yoga can be in your life

Vedic astrology has rich explanations that we seek in life. According to our ancient Hindu belief, we can find answers to almost any event that can appear a mystery to us. There are numerous yogas and dosha pre- written in the panchang for us to interpret according to our birth charts. And one such yoga called daridra yoga is quite a common formation in many. To explain further, there can be different kinds in daridra yoga in astrology. Hindu astrology is a true image of our karmic past. Therefore, our present yoga are a clear indication of our deeds . Furthermore, it is important to know daridra yoga effects. Thus, knowing the daridra yoga meaning and finding the daridra yoga remedies can give you a better life.

Daridra yoga explained…

Firstly, lets know how this yoga forms in your natal chart. It quite simple, this yoga sets in your horoscope when the lord of the eleventh house positions in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house of your birth chart. This yoga also occurs when the second or eleventh houses are habited by malefic planets. For instance, Jupiter is considered a beneficial sign. Now, when Jupiter is placed in the eighth house, which is believed to be malefic, then the ill effects of daridra yoga occurs.

Daridra yoga can cause extreme poverty if the other benefic planets are absent
Loss of wealth

Such a formation can result in many hopeless circumstances such as:

  • Difficulty in acquiring wealth or properties.
  • An unexplained weak relationship with your mother.
  • Financial loss
  • Hurdles in completing any auspicious event in your life.
  • General disappointment and depression

How bad can this yoga be?

Daridra literally means poor in Sanskrit. It has the capacity of stripping you off your wealth . This type of horoscope can cause you a state of absolute poverty and a life of struggles. In reality, majority of people suffer form this yoga as it is quite common. To understand daridra yoga in astrology, we may divide poverty into three types. Firstly. health is wealth. So a lack of health is a type of daridra yoga effect. No matter how wealthy we may be , the evil clutches of ill health cannot be escaped! The next type of poverty is mental poverty. An unhealthy mind can be the home of humiliation and unhappiness. Finally, the lack of sufficient finance is financial poverty. It is believed that you could experience any of these hardships in everyday life with daridra yoga in your horoscope.

This yoga is common in many horoscopes
Daridra is a common yoga in astrology

Daridra yoga remedies can be simple

Our ancient Hindu traditions is like a treasure box of fortune. For hundreds of years, we have heard various habitual things to do in daily life. Our forefathers passed on many customs over generations to us . You may be surprise d to know all such rules are in fact related to our ownwell being. Thus, to reduce daridra yoga effects we need to reconsider these forgotten habits and follow them now.

Ancient Hindu beliefs are a chest of treasure that hep us go in the ritious path
Ancient customs are like a treasure chest!

Some of the significant practices that can reduce this ill fortuned yoga are :

  • We cannot do cutting and shaving of nails or hair on the birth day. For instance, if you are born on a Monday, we need to avoid doing such activity on all Mondays.
  • Moreover,we cannot cut or shave on our tithi time based on our birth day as well. That is, if you were born on dasami tithi, then it is best to avid these acts at those times.
  • You cannot cut or shave your nails and hair in your janma nakshatra date. Further, it is advisable to avoid this act on Tuesdays and after sunset. And we need to bathe after a hair cut! Now you know why we still follow some of these customs.
  • Our house cannot to cleaned on the day of hair or nail cutting.
  • We need to avoid oil bath on the day of cutting our hair or nail

We have heard the above practices quite commonly in households with older generations. Actually, many of us may have shrugged off these as meaningless old traditions. However, now we understand the real daridra yoga meaning and these as some simple remedies.

What gives you this karma?

Your karmic past is the cause of your present daridra yoga
You answer your karma

Many of us have this yoga and may wonder what causes it. According to Hindu astrology, our karma is the essence of our lives. We are answerable for all our deeds. Thus, what could be a better way than our birth charts! For instance, a person who shies away from family duties and commits hidden evil deeds invites daridra yoga effects in his next birth. According to daridra yoga in astrology, people who destroy the wealth and life of others create a negative karma. Hence, such persons can be born with this ill yoga in their birth chart. Ultimately, it is the good verses the evil. That is, your exalted planets can help you in this situation.Conclusively, once we realise the actual daridra yoga meaning , it becomes quite easy to follow the guidance of our Hindu philosophy.