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All You Need to Know About Chamara Yoga

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Chamar Yoga and Chamra Yoga Benefits

Chamara Yoga is one of the Raja Yogas. It means yak-tail in Sanskrit, considered as an emblem of royalty. If your star sign falls under this yoga you are very lucky.

When is Chamara Yoga Unhelpful?

The Chamara Yoga effects become unhelpful when the placement of Jupiter is in a weaker position. Astrology calls the effect a Dosha. You can perform certain remedies to correct the Doshas and gain the benefits of Chamara yoga. However, if Jupiter is located in a harmful position in your horoscope, the effects of Chamara Yoga won’t be beneficial. Also, there are no remedies for this Dosha. 

Jupiter -  Chamara Yoga
Jupiter the predominant planet of Chamara Yoga

Combination of Planets and Location of Planets that Make Chamara Yoga Beneficial

There is no specific positioning of planet location considered in Chamara yoga Vedic astrology. However, some of the following combinations are beneficial-

  • If Jupiter is placed in the first house and when Venus is ruling the second, fifth, eighth and eleventh house.
  • Secondly, if the dominant planet is movable to the first place and the owner of the first place takes the ninth or the tenth place.
  • The dominance featured by the planet Jupiter lets the God of Jupiter Navamshasato capture an honourable place.
  • The Sun is located in the Vargottamshamsa, a place known for distinguished identity and when Mercury the planet conquers the fifth or the ninth house.
  • If the dominant is located in the Chara Moon Sign and Jupiter is located in Kendra and the owner of the first house moves to twelfth house, and the birth during this combination is called Sukla Paksha.
  • If the owner of the first house is magnificent with the Lagna shown as a fixed sign and when the owner of the eleventh house is in the ninth.
  • When the birth time is during the day the moon is considered to be strong and effective as the owner of the first house becomes magnificent and dominant when mixed with other planets.
  • Also, when the owner of the first house is in a movable navamsa to let the owner of the tenth house conquer the moveable moon sign.
The houses in Jothishi
The 12 houses in Vedic Astrology

Summary of Chamara Yoga

Chamara Yoga is the predominant yoga in Vedic astrology, acquired by a person born in the day time during the brightening of the lunar cycle. The planet Jupiter is the ruling planet with the Lord Lagna controlling its sign of glory. This Raja Yoga is extremely powerful and exhibits the strength of Lord Lagna. This happens when Jupiter is in the 2nd house, Lagna-Kendra in the 10th house. And, the sun maintaining its place in the 9th, 10th and 11th bhava away from the Lagna.

Jupiter located in the kendrasthana, trikonasthana or the 11th house fights against the effects of all other weak planets.