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Baby Vedic Names- Sambhav


Baby name– Sambhav 

Gender– Boy

Origin– Hindu, Indian

Meaning– Born; Manifested; Occasion, Occurrence, Appearance, Possible, Practicable, Creation; (Sanskrit meaning) Existing, being, sourced, production;  Source of bliss

Number– 4

Moon sign– Kumbha

Star– Satabishaka

Similar names– Sambhddha, Sambit, Samendra, Samgram, Samiran. Variants of the name include Sambhaw, Sambav, Sambhava, Saumitra, Vyom, Ayan, Abir, Vedant, Arsh, Anay. 

Vedic connection– Sambhav is an ancient name of Sanskrit origin, found in Puranas, epics and scriptures, where the original meaning was interpreted differently. Originally, the word was referred to in Manu Smriti as birth, production, origin and source, in Mahabharata and Sushrut as being contained in or finding room in, in Shvetasaar Upanishad as being or existence, in Gobhil Shradh Kalp epic as being or coming together, a meeting and a union, and, in Markandey Puran as capacity, ability and possibility. Sambhav name is significant for three major religions. In Hindu philosophy, Sambhav is associated with concentration, a crucial part of Shaivism which states that like Shiva everyone should be able to focus his mind. In Buddhist philosophy, the name refers to several disciples of the Buddha. In Jainism, Sambhava is the name of the third Tirthankara.

Astrology– Astrologically, the letter S denotes dedication, commitment and organisation. People with the name Sambhav are generally thought of as hard working and they keep making efforts to achieve their objectives. They are charming, expressive and individualistic men with creativity and imagination. Because of their creativity and imagination, they have skills of communication, writing, showmanship, dramatic activities, academics and so on. They are said to be passionate about their professions, about their personal gains and happiness and are also perceived as positive people.