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Baby Vedic Name-Vyas

Vedic Name: Vyas

Meaning: Wise Sage

Gender: Boy

Origin: Hindu

People born with first letter ‘V’ in their name are over-ambitious. Their primary goal in life is to make a good and comfortable living for themselves. They prefer to live in the moment and are generally very friendly and light-hearted people. They are very creative and therefore, a creative field can be a good career option for them. They prefer to use logic in solving a problem rather than making it labour intensive. They have people around them all the time yet from time to time they may feel alone and dejected. 

The name ‘Vyas’ is a Sanskrit name meaning Wise Sage. It holds great importance in Hinduism as the holy book Mahabharata was written by a wise sage Vyas. People named Vyas are very liberal minded and do not hesitate in talking about their opinion. They are honest and have a very clear vision of their life. They have great confidence in themselves and therefore succeed in their professional life. They make great friends with people, including people of the opposite gender. They are very proud of their personality and achievements. They have a rigid determination which can sometimes come off as dominating trait. 

The name Vyas falls under the number 11. The people of this native are avid readers and they often love to read works of foreign writers. They believe in justice for everyone around them and stand for equality. They are full of talents and are highly philosophical in nature. They have a good taste in literary works and are knowledgeable. Teaching and creative field are a good career option for the people of this native.