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Baby Vedic Name-Vishwanath

Vedic Name: Vishwanath

Meaning: Lord of Universe

Gender: Boy

Origin: Hindu

People born with first letter ‘V’ in their name are over-ambitious. Their primary goal in life is to make a good and comfortable living for themselves. They prefer to live in the moment and are generally very friendly and light-hearted people. They are very creative and therefore, a creative field can be a good career option for them. They prefer to use logic in solving a problem rather than making it labour intensive. They have people around them all the time yet from time to time they may feel alone and dejected. 

The name Vishwanath is also another name of Lord Shiva, who is the God of the Universe. The Sanskrit name holds great importance to Hindus. People named Vishwanath are creative people who enjoy dancing and singing. Therefore a creative field can be a good option for their career. Their bravery and courage often sets an example for others. The natives of this name are highly attractive with good looks and beauty. They are often head turners in any get-together or social situation. They are level headed and their honesty is commendable. They can be emotionally sensitive but are highly compassionate and empathetic people. They never hesitate from helping others. 

Lord Brahma is the deity of people named Vishwanath. 

The name Vishwanath falls under the number 37. The natives of this number are famous among their peers and friends and are generally attention seekers. They are very affectionate by nature and are always ready to help the poor. They are easy going and can make every situation feel light. They are successful people who do not boast about their accomplishments.