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Baby Vedic Name-Vijay

Vedic Name: Vijay

Meaning: Victory

Gender: Boy

Origin: Hindu

People born with first letter ‘V’ in their name are over-ambitious. Their primary goal in life is to make a good and comfortable living for themselves. They prefer to live in the moment and are generally very friendly and light-hearted people. They are very creative and therefore, a creative field can be a good career option for them. They prefer to use logic in solving a problem rather than making it labour intensive. They have people around them all the time yet from time to time they may feel alone and dejected. 

The name ‘Vijay’ means Victory. They succeed in their job or their professional area and therefore enjoy the rapid growth in both personal and professional level. People named Vijay are generally handsome and beautiful. They can socialize with people with ease and enjoy dancing and singing. For them, their family members are most important and they enjoy a good time with their family. During a stressful situation, the can be very level headed and can find the best solution for themselves and their peers. 

Lord Brahma is the deity of people named Vijay. They also love to promote education. 

People named Vijay, fall under number 10 of numerology. The natives of this number are reliable and their seniors can trust them even with sensitive information. They are charitable people and often help people who are in trouble. Their selfless nature is one of the reasons they prosper in life. They can be bit controlling, wanting to have everything their own way. But their need to lead a clean, problem-free life helps them grow. They might not have many friends around them but their friends give them a lot of respect.