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Baby Vedic Name-Ved


Baby Name Ved
Gender Male
Origin Sanskrit, Hindu
Ved Meaning Sacred, sacred knowledge
Variant Ved
Moon Sign Taurus
Star Mrigashira


The name Ved has an earthy element to it. With origins in Hindu literature, the name Ved has the fixed sign of Taurus. 


The number 15 people; boys named Ved are materialistic and very courageous. Spendthrifts and seekers of a luxury life, people born under the Taurus sign need to be taught to save. Being leaders in their own right; they often tend to miss out finer details while executing a particular project. In a team, they generally lead and do a good job of it.


People with the name Ved are determined, goal oriented and somewhat lazy. They are seekers of stability and can go to any lengths to acquire it. Being emotional by nature, they fall in love easily and are stable life partners. They are largely kind hearted but are prone to taking the wrong decisions and trusting the wrong people. Because they firmly believe that they take the right decisions; they often fail at pleasing everyone. Restless and stubborn, it is difficult to keep them grounded and focused at all times. 

They delve deep in acquiring knowledge which can be misused by them in meeting their aspirational needs. In a way most people with the name Ved share similar traits. They are hardworking, rigid, determined and rebels in their own way. They are also people who have unreasonable expectations from their hidden talents. Often when they fail, they blame themselves more than anyone else and in doing so get grounded to an even worse situation than before. A Taurus needs independence as much as it needs the basic support from its family. Being headstrong; they can waver into territories that were not required for him to sail through.