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Baby Vedic Name-Vasant


Baby Name Vasant
Gender Male
Origin Sanskrit, Hindu
Vasant Meaning Spring, happy
Variant none
Moon Sign Taurus
Star Rohini


Deriving its roots from Sanskrit, Vasant refers to the spring season. The name is associated with happiness and environment that is full of energy. 


Talkative and exceptionally bright; these are the two dominant traits of people named Vasant. They have a strong imaginative mind and a visionary power that takes them places. Popular amongst their own clique, boys named Vasant are often well educated. They also possess people skills and act as a people’s magnet in a crowd.


Replete with self-love and happiness, people with the name Vasant believe that they are super lucky for those around them. Easy going with freshness about them, such people are attracted to creativity. With all good things there are family strings that need to be attended to if they are to progress in life. Emotional and very sensitive, people with this name tend to have outbursts often; reflecting their weakness. It is this quality that makes people around them take advantage of their presence. They need to involve themselves with creativity as they make for great speakers. Blessed with the gift of the gab and a power of conviction, boys with the name Vasant should take note of entering a profession that suits their personality. Oratory, training, stand-up comedians and Human Resources are some of the professions charted for them. 

Being overly ambitious, they need to take stock of their emotional and personal quotient before speaking and entering into a profession. Often it is difficult to keep them away from cross talk; something that could be detrimental for their personal growth. They need professions that can make them travel as much as they tend to be loners by nature.