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Baby Vedic Name-Utkarsha


Baby Name Utkarsha
Gender Male
Origin Sanskrit, Hindu
Utkarsha Meaning Advancement, Pride
Variant Utkarsh, 
Moon Sign Taurus
Star Krittika


The name Utkarsha has Sanskrit origins. Several references state that this name is generally referred as advancement. In some places the meaning also refers to boastful, superior, eminence and prosperity. 


Ruled by the number 9, people born under this Taurus sign are fun loving and very adventurous. They tip towards eccentricity and sometimes absent mindedness; thus it is very difficult to keep them engrossed in a task for a long time. For people who are named Utkarsha; they are sure to bring about great improvement in other people’s lives as they make them walk on a thin risk line throughout their life. It becomes advisable then for such people to stick to a regular company job and not delve into any business.


For this sign and specially for the name Utkarsha, it is imperative that they pick professions that include variety. The food industry is one such place that they seem to shine. The number 9 in their sign allows for a lot of travel and inherent success. Taurus is the sign of courage and such people are usually very brave by nature. It doesn’t take them long to decide an act of courage and delve towards it. Romantic and fairly successful, they need to be mindful of which partnership they are getting into. For an easy going nature, Taurus and specially the name Utkarsha drives in impulsiveness as well. Their confidence can often be seen as over indulgence to the extent of getting into monetary debt. Another brilliant feature of this sign and name is the over indulgence of luxury related attractions. Being naturally brilliant, they are adept at attracting the opposite sex.