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Baby Vedic Name-Trisha


Baby Name Trisha
Gender Female
Origin Hindu
Trisha Meaning The abbreviated of the patron saint Patricia, saint of Naples
Variant Trish
Moon Sign Libra
Star Krittika


The origin of the name is a Latin name derived from nobility; thus it comes as no surprise that people with this name are humane by nature. The letter “T” instills the natural instinct of such people living by their own set standards. Since these standards are usually high, people with this name thrive on helping all those around them.


Helping hands often don’t find much support back home. It is thus possible that a person by this name is often left out by their own kin while creating happiness for others. The Libra in the moon sign makes them kind hearted to a fault. Numerically their number is 7; one that stands for independence, philanthropy and creativity. 


People with this name are natural leaders. Friendly and gentle, they are often the life of a group. The warm and endearing nature is what draws a crowd towards this name. Usually, people with the name Trisha are true followers of their dreams. Despite born under the Libra sign, their focus and drive is quite similar to the consistency of a Capricorn in this sense. Often such people are not easily understood by their family and can fall short of their support. Because they are outgoing and optimistic, they are often misunderstood to be stubborn. Such people are inspiring and do exceptionally well in the field of drama, writing and other creative arts. Imaginative and creative, girls with such a name are extremely well read and are great conversationalists. What makes them attractive is their inspirational streak that exuberates through their personality. The only aspect that they need to take care of is their attention to detail that they often lack.