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Baby Vedic Name-Tarak


Baby Name Tarak
Gender Male
Origin Hindu
Tarak Meaning Protector; pupil of the eye
Variant Tarak
Moon Sign Libra
Star Purva Phalguni


Honest to the hilt, the name Tarak is known to be that of the ‘Protector’. With Sanskrit roots, the name also means rescuing, saving or protecting. It is known to be one of the names of Lord Ganesha; the leader of the helpless and the protector of all. 


With a numerological number 6; people with this name are very good with money. Number 6 also adds in an exalted Venus in their charts. A heightened Venus brings about luxury, fame and money. The Libran aspect, thanks to the letter “T” also makes them excellent analysts as well. Though prone to delve with too many questions; people blessed with this name are fast learners. It is perhaps the imbalance of handling too much knowledge and a curiosity to make more money in a sport span of time is what makes them suffer monetary losses. 


A trait that vibes well with people associated with those who are named Tarak is philanthropy. People with this name genuinely seek fulfilment in helping others. They make it their goal in life to help the oppressed and uplift the downtrodden. Since the name bears the imprint of being the protector, people with Tarak as their name are also fiercely independent. They have a positive aura about them and tend to trust people too easily. While they have a lot of friends and are loved by family and peers alike; they are also known to be the responsibility bearers in their families. Passionate about their dreams, people with this name are famous for their infectious persona. Generous with dollops of creativity to their character; they are avid controllers of hostile environments as well.