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Baby Vedic Name- Siddhartha


Baby Name: Siddhartha

Gender: Baby Boy

Epic Character: King Gautama who experienced enlightenment and began recognized as Buddha.

Meaning:  Accomplished, The White Mustard, Buddha, A Blessed Soul.

Nakshtra (Star): Shatabhisha

Number: 2

Variant: Siddhartha

Rashi (Moon Sign): Kumbha (Aquarious)

Siddhartha is created out of blending two different words from the Sanskrit language. First is Siddha meaning ‘Achieved’ and other is Artha meaning ‘what was searched for’. Together when combined, suggests altogether a new meaning ‘one who has achieved meaning’ or ‘the one who has accomplished his goals’. 

This Vedic name is associated with an iconic religious character named Siddhartha Gautama who was a Kapilavastu’s prince. He was a prince yet he developed a detached attitude at a very young age and did decide to seek enlightenment. Many general positive traits do rule the personalities of the natives of this name. They include hard work, ambitiousness, free-spirit, generosity, composed nature, strong interpersonal skills, outstanding communication and networking skills. 

They enjoy a decent amount of friends due to being kind-hearted. Also, they put their best foot forward to attain their goals and being focused does offer much help. They are spontaneous when it comes to decision making. They admire Nature and put efforts to travel whenever time allows them. Since this name inherits a spiritual aura, they are naturally drawn to various spiritual practices and the art of the meditation. At times, they find it difficult to express themselves due to their reserve nature. They are fond of art and are keen to explore various forms of arts. They also come across as good readers. 

However, they must be watchful of their aggressiveness as they tend to be aggressive while proving their opinion correct. They must also control their emotional outbursts from time to time. Being a career oriented is good but over-ambitiousness is not good. Thus, they need to take care of the same.