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Baby Vedic Name-Shlok


Baby Name: Shlok

Gender: Baby Boy

Epic Character: None

Meaning:  A Vedic Mantra or a Chant

Nakshatra (Star): Shatabhisha

Number: 2

Variant: Shlok

Rashi (Moon Sign): Kumbha (Aquarius)

This name has its origin in the Sanskrit language that denotes a poetic verse or a song. People who are named Shlok come across as extremely talented individuals who are blessed with brilliant artistic sense and acumen. Since this name contains a divine element in it, its natives are blessed with abundant energy and come across as since and responsible individuals with a stable mindset. 

People with this name do put best efforts to achieve emotional and financial security. They are the ones who do not prefer indulging into any kind of tiff. Peace not only appeals to them but hold significant importance to their lives. In other words, they prefer harmony over discord and look for ways to strike a balance between different things. Also, when it comes to adopting any unfamiliarity, they know how to go that gracefully without disturbing their peace of mind.

There are varied general prominent traits that do rule the personality of the natives belonging to this name. They include sensitivity, patience, pragmatic approach, optimism, and superior level of intuition, nurturing attitude and many more. They are fond of travelling and hence may experience great success in the field of research or any field where one needs to refer to history. Also, they are great admirers of beauty. 

However, they need to steer clear of various emotional disturbances like depression, nervousness and anxiety. They also need to be a bit more vocal about their emotions as it is extremely crucial to strike a chord with happiness. They must exercise caution when it comes to the health of their parents. They also need to improve the level of self-confidence as they tend to lack aggressiveness when it comes to the business dealings.