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Baby Vedic Name-Shivansh


Baby Name: Shivansh

Gender: Baby Boy

Epic Character: None

Meaning:  A Hindu Deity Lord Shiv’s portion.

Nakshtra (Star): Shatabhisha

Number: 3

Variant: Shantanu

Rashi (Moon Sign): Kumbha (Aquarius)

Shivansh is one of those Vedic names from Hindu religion that are related to Hindu deities in some way. As far as this specific name is concerned, it represents Lord Shiv’s incarnation in Sanskrit. Sun is the ruling planet of this name. People who are named Shivansh generally come across as Resourceful individuals. They are daring and possess go-getter attitude. However, the natives of this name need to keep a close watch on their habits of boasting about themselves as it may annoy people around them. 

Most apt professions for the individuals who belong to this name include the Marketing domain. They may also opt for any creative field. They may also do well in business in politics. They are always buzzing with a significant amount of energy. When it comes to achieving their goals, they may appear bit rebellious. They not only have a great vision but they are much focused. Therefore, it becomes easier for them to achieve their goals. 

There are many general positive traits that do reflect their impressions on the natives of this name. They include courageousness, ambitiousness, originality, independence, superior level of leadership skills, risk-taking and many more. Since this name contains a divine element in it, even if they decide to opt for the road less travelled, they do manage to find success. Moreover, strong opinion of such people often enables them to earn admiration from the others.

However, they must refrain from being self-centred and dominating. Also, avoid being too critical and stubborn. They need to learn to focus towards making balance. They also need to adopt more gentle approach towards others to nurture the relationships. To avoid being isolated, you are advised to enhance your generosity.