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Baby Vedic Name-Shantanu


Baby Name: Shantanu

Gender: Baby Boy

Epic Characters: A Kuru King from Hastinapura and a Father of Bhishma from Mahabharata epic.

Meaning:  Wholesomeness

Nakshatra (Star): Hasta

Number: 3

Variant: Shantanu

Rashi (Moon Sign): Kumbha (Aquarius)

Shantanu is one of those Vedic names that find its way in Prominent Hindu epics like Mahabharata. In Mahabharata, Shantanu was a Bhishma’s father and thus Kauravas and Pandavas’ great grandfather. He was married to Satyavati and Ganga. He was considered to be powerful warriors of his time. 

This name is derived out of Sanskrit language meaning ‘Wholesomeness’. People who are named Shantanu often tend to enjoy material benefits that come through Inheritance and wills. They tend to analyze life and are generally reasonable when it comes to their thinking. 

There are many general positive traits that do govern the personalities of its natives. They include composed nature, superior level of common sense, strong spiritual inclination, inquisitiveness, courageousness and many more. Also, they keep impulsiveness and rash decision making at bay. Social status does matter a lot to them and so do justice. 

When it comes to the career aspect, people with this name have the power to mesmerize others through the originality of their ideas. Financial success comes easy to them since they are good at making money out of opportunities that do come their way. Their bold approach blended with positive aggressiveness makes them attract money. Also, they have clarity regarding their goals and thus whichever field they opt for, they generally tend to make great strides in it. 

They are quite philosophical and seek authority. Generally the natives of this name do not misuse their authority to harm anybody. They exhibit a superior level of responsibility. However, they should put efforts in empowering their communication skills.