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Baby Vedic Name-Sarthak


Baby Name: Sarthak

Gender : Baby Boy

Epic Characters: None

Meaning:  Purpose, something that makes a good sense, Well done,

Nakshatra (Star): Shatabhisha


Variant: Sarthak

Rashi (Moon Sign): Kumbha (Aquarius)

Every name has its personality and Sarthak is no exception to it. This Vedic Hindu name is equipped with great positive vibes as its meaning suggests a purpose. The natives of this name are considered to be generally intelligent and also intellectual. They are believed to be blessed with a creative mind. Thus, the most suited professions for them include designing (any kind of) and artistic fields. 

General positive traits that drive the natives of this name include pleasantness, responsible nature, affectionate and extrovert nature, great leadership skills, Brilliant vision and many more. People who are named Sarthak generally radiate trustworthiness and do exhibit superior willpower and determination. The Air element is the element that dominates its natives and Saturn is believed to be the ruling planet of this name. 

Though, they are good at making friends.   When it comes to work, they prefer independence. However, that does not indicate that they cannot be good team players. Also, they may come across as shy persons and may keep their true feelings to themselves. They are keen to explore enlightenment and do prefer a fast-paced life in comparison to a sluggish life. 

However, they should refrain from being dominating and must avoid procrastination to excel in their career. Also, they need to ensure that other people do not seek any undue advantage out of your gentle nature. Due their generous nature, they often tend to get indulged in the problems of the lives of the other people. So, they must also avoid the same.