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Baby Vedic Name-Sanjay


Baby Name: Sanjay

Gender: Baby Boy

Epic Characters: Dhritarashtras Charioteer, Lord Shiva

Meaning:  Victorious, Triumphat

Nakshatra (Star): Satabishaka

Number: 3

Variant: Sanjay

Rashi (Moon Sign): Kumbha (Aquarius)

The origin of the name Sanjay has its roots in the Sanskrit Language. It is derived from the word of Sanskrit  ‘sam-jaya’ that stands for Triumphant. Every single word has its individual aura that depends on the origin and meaning of the word. Since this name possesses such positive meaning, the bearer of this name is bound to possess a few specific traits. 

Going back to the ancient era, Sanjay was the name of a crucial character from one of the main ancient Hindu epics named Mahabharata. He was a charioteer of Dhritarashtra who was gifted with a power of witnessing the events at a distance also known as intuitive power (Divya-Drishti). By making the best of the same power, he was able to narrate the live sequences of actions to his King Dhritarashtra. He was Gavalgana’s son and a Suta. 

Starting with letter S, Sanjay name indicates that its bearer is devoted to her or his job. Since this name embraces a spiritual vibe, its natives are inclined towards spirituality and religion. Hence, they may excel in the fields of Religion & Spirituality. General traits that drive the personalities of its natives include hard work, focus, great communication and interpersonal skills, calm nature, generosity, peace-lovingness and many more. 

Since they are generally kind-hearted and compassionate; they may excel in Politics as well. Also, creative domains too may prove to be fruitful to the natives of this name. People with this name tend to enjoy an extending friend circle due to many positive qualities. They are fond of Mother Nature and are keen to explore it. However, they should practice cautiousness while selecting friends as there remains scope of experiencing some kind of harm or betrayal.