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Baby Vedic Name-Prayag


Prayag is quite a common name especially among the Hindus. It is term a used in the Hindu Mythology, which depicts a particular area between the Yamuna and the Ganga. It is believed to be the most fertile region on the earth. It is also called as Triveni Sangam, where the three rivers namely Saraswati, Ganga and Yamuna come into contact at a single point. Akbar, the Mughal Emperor had given the name Allahabad to the original name Prayag.

A person having the name Prayag are said to be very honest and genuine in their actions. They excel quite well in their work and are very confident in their tasks. This makes them stand unique in the crowd when compared to their peers.  They are generally service oriented and as such would have earned good recognition among friends and relatives.

They are said to have utmost clarity with respect to their future plans. They are cool and do not get tensed in any kind of situations. So, they are preferred by people in most of the works.  They do have self pride with respect to their personality and performance records. But the major drawback is that the concept of gratitude is absent in them.

Their commendable communication skill is a major advantage for them. They are open to explore new opportunities. Apart from being foodies, they are also attracted to alcohol. Their presence is bliss for the family and friends. If they stay away from alcohol and any sort of addictions, then they are sure to become one of the best inspirations for the upcoming generations. This is because they do those works, which match their abilities.