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Baby Vedic Name-Ojas

Name Ojas

The name Ojas depicts appearance, brilliance, shine and even body strength.  It is generally used for males and person having such a name, are Hindus in most cases. As per the Hindu Scriptures, every individual has to absorb the energy from the Muladhara(also called as energy center) and finally bring it to the top of the head called Sahasrara. The highest energy level as per the Yogis is referred as Ojas. This is believed to be a part of the brain.  The more a person inherits Ojas in his head, the more powerful he would be.

People having such a name are considered to be very creative. At the same time, they have to maintain an emotional balance to get rid of any sort of negativity coming their way. Most of them have a wonderful family support, are keen admirers of mother and keep changing places based on their convenience.

People having such a name are generally courageous to face any kind of situation coming their way. They will also have rapid growth in their overall career as well as personal life. They are very positive kind of people, having a different level of honesty, having adequate interest in arts and are also affectionate.

Most of the people, who have the name as Ojas, may be following Brahma as their principal deity which is an indirect push for educational excellence. People having this name are said to be very focused in their future goals but they have to be vigilant in taking the correct decision. They are advised to be patient enough to cross the barriers along their way in a smooth manner. Thus keeping the future in mind, they have to also take efforts in saving the money that they earn in the right aspect.